Remembering a Video Game Pioneer

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Hey listeners mike schneider here in molina and welcome back to talking tech so mike. I remember a while back. You were writing the story about jerry lawson who is a black pioneer the video game industry. The folks might know about and his name has come back in the news again. That's right Jerry lawson who passed away in two thousand eleven was an engineer and designer at fairchild camera and instrument company in silicon valley there. He led a team that created a game system called the fair fairchild video entertainment system now a lot of you may not have heard of that and the reason you may not have heard of this because a year later the atari twenty six hundred came out in nineteen seventy seven but the reason the fairchild consoles important is because that was the first one that could play an unlimited number of games because it was the first us games on cartridges. Obviously that led to eventually an entire video game industry. You know where you could buy whatever game she wanted and put him in play them and take them out and changed another game. A lot of the early game systems had all the games. Hardwired in or they used other more rudimentary types of data. Anyway so now. The usc games program at the university of southern california in los angeles has announced the gerald lawson endowment fund for black and indigenous students at it's an initiative to increase the minority representation in games in tech and the grand will be known as lawson scholars and a familiar name take two

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