A highlight from We Made It Weird #36


You walk made it weird with the need homes. What's happening weirdos what's happening. This is a great episode. I'm always so happy. We just hit record and we just talk. And we're so excited to have this time with you guys and together and it just flows actually right as were hitting record. This time. i was like i thought to myself. I have no idea what we're going to talk about. I have that too. I was going to the bathroom. And before i came out and i was like. I don't know what we're going to say. And i it's like doing standup improv. Or therapy like. I don't know what i'm gonna talk about this time because it's so comfortable and finding because you guys always follow us wherever we go and your so supportive in lovely We had a really. It's a safe space so it's a conversation to thank you for joining us if you like. Show wanna to show your support. The best and most effective way to support us. It's a try apiece. Pick like brooklyn. The softest best sheets and home essentials company that we found i found from another podcast and now they are pete's pick if a lot of your life is still being lived at home then make your home. It's comfortable as possible. Make it a refuge. Oasis your personal zam zone. So go ahead and max out on the extra soft sheets superplex towels and lounge wear and get the best of it all from brooklyn and brooklyn and was created to sorry brooklyn was started. That's another way of saint created brooklyn and was created to create beautiful high-quality homosexuals. Don't cost an arm and a leg and people want a success brooklyn and works directly with manufacturers to create luxury Luxury level products available to you without the luxury level markup so you'd get their amazing array of products at a reasonable price. They've cut out the middleman brooklyn and has something for every comfort need ideal for seasonal refresh because they're launch launching new products colors and patterns all the time talking about buttery soft and breathable sheets plush absorbent towels cozy robes and comfy lounge. Where you'll want to put on a never. Never take off their so confident. In their core products they come with a three hundred sixty five day. Warranty and fans are confident to they've received over seventy five thousand five star reviews and counting and their customer. Service is incredible. They must get eight hours of sleep every night because their dream to work with. If you ever have an issue we did a complete brooklyn and over how. We haven't looked back as i always say. We used to look forward to staying in hotels because they had better sheets than we have at home and we didn't want to pay a huge price to do that at our house brooklyn and solve that problem for us. We didn't have to spend an arm and leg and we have great five-star hotel sheets on her bed. And we love it and as much as we sleep or at least are on the bed playing with the baby. Whatever it might be we love. It haven't looked back. So give yourself the

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