How AI Will Impact the Future of Jobs and Work

HumAIn Podcast


Back listeners. The humane podcast today. We are continuing to talk about the future of work whether work as the new normal with his work in the post pandemic world and work continues to expand. I'm pleased today to have on the show. Jeff wald who's the founder of work market and. We have some great history together being involved with some of the same company so jeff. Thanks so much for joining us on show david. Thanks so much for having me. I am really looking forward to this conversation today because as we look forward to the future of work in the world. There's so much to talk about. And our shared history is with adp the payroll company which has done break things around payment providers and keeping companies afloat during the pandemic actually for the day to day operations. But before we move into those hot topics and and the future. Let's start with the history. What is work markets. And what is some of the exciting work that you've been doing in this space. So work market is enterprise off. Further enables companies to organize manage and pay their freelance workforce. So we built by far the largest enterprise software platform for the on demand economy not a marketplace where consumers can go but just the software that helps companies to manage that very important and growing part of their workforce. We found the company. Two thousand and ten we raised one hundred million from softbank in union square ventures and a few others and three years ago. We were lucky enough to find a great partner to continue the growth of the company and eighty p as adp purchase work market.

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