A highlight from LIVE After-Show (#130B): Epic Exposed, Walmart Cloud Gaming, Stadia Head Quits, Tokyo Esports Gym, Ads For Skins, LeBron Gaming Chair, Twitch Boomer


To the boardroom. This is the business of e sports after show livestream. I am paula. Liam joined today by my friends and co host lindsay. The boss poss jeff's the juice cone. That's right the nickname for those of you. Who are new to the after. Show livestream what we do here. We cover all the important gaming in these sports topics and news of the week. But it's all the stuff that we couldn't fit into the podcast and best of all we get to do it live with you guys. You get the challenges you get to ask questions you get to get in our faces. That is what makes the livestream special. If you're a regular here thank you for coming back every week. Thank you for telling your friends about the livestream. If you haven't already go do that. The more of you. In here the merrier the more funded the more we get to interact and and so we thank you for telling your friends about the livestreams and bringing them here. How you guys doing lindsay jack. Good week very sorry. Jeff go ahead as him and thanks. Thanks for being here Even gonna wake up early. Not sure where we are It's not that late here. But the excited i mean there's so much i'd actually don't know the topics were gonna talk about all. He doesn't tell us in advance And william for the podcast a lot. More grammar for the livestream. We kind of like to be surprised with topics. Which i think is more fun but there's so many good topics this week that i hope i hope we We hit on well. I will as always. And there's william i made it. Yeah here rolled out of bed. I see his socket. That's right lindsey. i love the nickname audubon. Pa the juice. Mommy oh my goodness. I think i think i think you might wanna rethink jeff already. Been better than it. Once was williams. Last week week there was a couple of other contenders none of which were better. It's a word it's always beta. Everything's in beta the quality. Standard of the livestream has upped to you like everyone has nice backgrounds now the audio quality sharp. Like what happened to us. i will say guys. We had a always. Let me start with a little. Bit about the podcast. This week had a great guest on the podcast. Jimmy barada who's a good friend of mine and advisor to many companies in the east sports space also an investor in exit and so had a lot. Oh and by the way. He teaches sports at university of california. Irvine also a

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