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Is the amazing. Jeff fire walker schmidt and he is capable in like every single domain. It's extraordinary by the age of fifteen. He was running a research lab with a famous scientist. His now noted lecture and scientists in his a phd from oxford. He's also a chinese martial arts expert. He practices peruvian folk medicine in his one. Half of the brand new band saint disruption which is a new album dropping very weak. He and his notable band partner. John modesto from the legendary modesto martin and would met in a chance encounter in the amazon jungle. Her going to hear about some of those encounters in the amazon region. Here some of the wisdom that jeff brings from spirit to science and science to spirit and sample some the music that he's creating and why it's meaningful for this time. Welcome geoff so nice to be with you today. It is delightful to be with you. I'm excited to dive into your brain and your experiences for me to. Let's get going awesome. I know that you are a medicine man. And that is a rare title for a white man in the united states to have. Can you tell us a little bit about being a medicine man and what it means to you and how you got there absolutely well. First and foremost. I think that by way of perspective. It is something that one would never choose for themselves. It came to me as a complete left. Turn in my life and a complete surprise and actually an opportunity that i resisted on the personality and ego level. For some time. I knew enough to know that it would not be an easy path and i also came to realize that if i were to respond to the call of spirit in a good way that i would have much more of a chance of leading healthy happy life so i as many people do when they get the call i jumped and i very much enjoyed for many years and still do the right teachers showing up at the right time. And my first couple of teachers were very traditional very discipline oriented and put me through the wringer and i also experienced a couple of initiations down in south america where. I wasn't sure if i was going to live through them. As a matter of fact one came through a deviation from one of my teachers don marianna key spay and he had me do a little finding of some stones mixed in a bag of sacred objects and i picked three stones. And he says okay. Well looks like your family so if you really want to carry your medicine fully. Here's the process that you're going to have to involve me working for about six months up here working with mountains and mountain spirits and then making a two-month pilgrimage down to peru. He said basically it will happen if you do this. Is that everything that you know in your life will disappear. You'll lose probably everything he might die but on the other side of it. If you make it through it's going to be great. You're gonna have the most amazing life ever and that is exactly what happened. I got ground to a pulp and my house disappeared. My academic job in career had to go my daughter at fourteen left home for belly conservatory so it was absolutely to everything that i knew shifted. And now i can say. In retrospect that it was a deep and profound blessing and that the bit of courage that i had to actually do that really paid off. How do you have courage to face in dive into something like that. When somebody says you may not survive when you get through this like how do you have the courage to go in and stay there. That's a good question. I think that there's a point if you're being held by spirit that once you get calling and you say a tentative yes than the universe starts showing you places in your life. That are inauthentic. That aren't in alignment that are going to end up quite possibly being your life's great train wreck so i think what the universe conspired when i started really thinking seriously about a yes was to really show me where i was out of alignment with my true purpose. I can say that. I was part of the academic elite and for many many years i enjoyed all of the perks and benefits especially the ego perks and benefits of being like an academy member and having a big research team and being stroke my ego the whole time but what i realized when i was in this period of that tentative yes was that i had built this whole science and research career as a way simply to avoid my real work. It was the perfect distraction. And until i did my real work i knew enough and read enough and studied enough to know then until it did my real work that i would not achieve fulfillment or an awakened lives so courage came in little bits and pieces. I started to understand what the consequences might be saying. No and when you looked at what was on the other side the life that you could have and what you had to give up to get there. What was that feeling. And what allowed you to start to loosen the reigns on all of the things that you previously known. It was the fact that i was starting to recognize that a life without service was not going to be very meaningful and that the way that don maryono put the challenge to me was that you are son. You're forty percent of your capacity right now. If you get through this then you will be nearly full capacity to be of service at this time. This is a time of prophecy. There are tales prophecies from around the world that have been told since the ancient times about this particular on the planet where we are going through a time of great danger. Great opportunity and these. It's referred to as the patch. Ikuta the great flipping upside down of everything and the cherokee here in southern appalachian mountains prophesized. This is the time of the great shaking where the great earth mother would get so aggravated all those not walking in harmony that the earth would shake all those people that were resisting being in harmony. So it was really the call to service. It was like okay. I'm here. I might as well make use of my time by being service to others. Talk to us a little bit about your scientific career before that just so we get an idea of where you're coming from. Yes so from a very early age. Just fell in love with science. I was reading my stepfather's college science book. Starting at eight or nine years old. And i seem to have this dr capacity to before i did a lot of drugs in my late teens. Early twenty s. I had pretty much photographic memory. And i was pretty bored and as a kid i was at the same time pretty audacious. I walked into the medical school that was fairly near my home instead on a job that was like thirteen and the chairman of the biochemistry department ended up being one of my dearest friends in the world. Basically yeah okay. We'll do it and became my first functional. Family really grew up at that medical center. And i just got bitten with it. I was pretty good at it. And i was a pretty decent rider. Pretty decent thinker and i had a good hand because i an early age love to cook in there. Some real similarities between laboratory work just stuff with your hands and found myself in the laboratory very young at the time fairly famous upcoming scientists by the name of bob michael who ended up being like a father to me he and then we together made some pretty significant discovery so i was published by the time i was fifteen years old

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