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Learning is in the failure. So you always tell yourself. I am not a master. It what i'm doing yet. Always with that word yet you know this stuff change and changing your mindset is not easy and it is uncomfortable and that's what you want in this monster. You get used to being uncomfortable. It giving myself that leeway to understand the process the student and always be a student and be okay. When doesn't go your way. It's a learning tool along the way and it's not this. Oh my gosh. i made a mistake. The whole thing's over the businesses fail. Hey everybody welcome to the show today. Johnny gwen the producer defraud studios can me on the show. He's been doing an audible books that he's going to talk to us about fixed versus growth mindset. Can't wait. hey i'm karen i'm a former. Cpa entrepreneur business consultant with big ideas. Welcome to tears to business. Johnny win thank you for being on the show. I love being in the studio. Because i get to use the expensive microphones that i bought years ago that i never get to talk on so fantastic. Thank you and i'm excited to talk about this. Because it's really as a been eye opening for me. recently this subject matter fixed versus growth mindset. Define each okay fixed mindset. Is you have a way of thinking. It's fixed meaning. You have determined an outcome as already predetermined sir. Take the idea that you were little and someone said. Hey you're terrible at math and you just believe that and as life went on. You didn't try anymore because you said that's the way the world is so i don't worry about being good at math and you just stop and the ideas that you use that excuse every time someone says something like. Hey can you do. Xyz with math you say yet mass. Not my thing. i'm terrible at it. You didn't even try to be good at it. You just determined because someone told you that the not very good at it so it's a fixed outcome mindset. I've got to know what is the person who that just takes them off and they're going to prove that they can do. It gives before we get into that. Let's define with growth mindset so a growth mindset is someone that says. Hey wait a minute. Why in the world are you telling me this. And i'm thinking this. What if i actually took the time to incrementally get better at this skill. And so now i take the learning journey so you have a love of learning now so time you go along this path. You're not going to be an expert the second day or the first year or maybe the first three years but you take on the mindset that i can grow to become this person that is good at the skill so it's a lifelong learning love. Which is the idea of like. I don't have to be a mathematician. Might not be a chessmaster right but the idea like i can get ten percent better a fifteen percent better to be able to talk business. Better talk math better. But i have to be able to have the mindset to say along the way it's going to be a hard journey but i'm okay with the failures doing it and out because that's how you learn. Yeah and you don't stop and give up. Because i'm just not good at this. That's the part that makes you switch over from being fixed to a growth monster and most people are not patient enough to be able to do this but people who do that to themselves do that to everything around them. Parsons going to react like this. I know this isn't gonna work because that's hard for me to understand that starts to work into the world of they think the world is set. That's a boss. That's a very very tough place to work because even when you bring new ideas it's that doesn't work. Why does it work was never worked before. That doesn't mean it's not gonna work. And i know it sounds real simplistic of what we're saying but carol deepak this the writer of this book and the called mindset by carol dewick in our website is mindset online dot com. Let me get brought up a lot on a lot of podcasts. That's where i found tons of podcasts. Peak performance podcasts story. Three founds information that have been obsessed with less couple of months and it sounds so simplistic but it's hard to make that switch to be able to be someone who's who's kind of a black and white world. This is how the world is to be later in life which is people get of stuck in their way and then to be able to say you know what. I'm gonna quit saying all this stuff but i just think the world is this way because you know it probably is not what you think it is. It's probably shades of it. And i've really enjoyed going more to a growth mindset because it gives me leeway to when i don't do the right things or i'm learning something new when i do make the failures. I give myself a lot of forgiveness. And i start making your journal of what i'm learning. I'm going do you think it's a personality trait. Oh i think a lot of that. Is i also think at some point. You just get tired of being a no personal time or first of all who likes unknowable. Nobody likes nobody. Likes a no person. But i don't know that a no person can stop being a no person without conscious. Thought they can't let me tell you. I've been reading about this even though the podcasting obsessing about last couple of months i've been reading about this and hearing other podcast i have made for their people talking about this book. Carol direct work and understood it instant owen principal. Totally get it. But you know what. I'd really didn't take it to heart.

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