A highlight from AMR Answers #64: To Journal or Not; Running Back-to-Back Half Marathons


Sarah bowen shea. And this is dimity mcdowell. I've got some breaking news. it's breaking from about. I don't know two weeks ago. Maybe like ten days ago and not really sure even what day so not exactly breaking. But i had a pro runner citing when i was in arizona on spring break about to. I guess it was almost what. What was that. Like a week and a half. It wasn't yesterday around wasn't to say it was in march and april so not not breaking news but yes so so grant and i brought our bikes down that we brought our road bikes down there. My mom and stepdad john. Now live in a little community called less. send us and it's right in mesa and it backs up to this beautiful open. Space near the salt river is a river in fact in arizona. Couple lakes as as well that we saw and all this open land. Then there's this ride if you if you live near mesa you know the bush highway. It's very icon eric arizona. Like you look around and just like cacti or got to say that right tomorrow cacti. I mean just you know landscapes beautiful landscapes roadrunners. Cine how did not see any but on that under my ride but we we did see them and just just you know like and it's all goes into like i said it's open space and there's a bunch of you know parks and things back there so it's very well protected land so anyway so that sets it up so the first time we go at riding is sunday and you come down. What i realized is like a bitch of a hill to come back up. But you come down this beautiful and you just like get tossed into you. Basically leave town and you get task down into this canyon. And it's just like us like my in my in the southwestern and as i'm coming down this hill we're on the right hand side in. Its runner is on the left hand side of course on the same side because we're going with crap traffic. She's going to do. I guess as to who it is. Yeah sure steph bruce. Okay now because she. I think she lives in flagstaff sir hall. No gosh okay. All right. you're over to right so she's wearing sports bra and shorts and i was like. Oh my god that woman hauling like go up coming down. And i was like okay and i didn't really register. I was like wow. That's just a really. I mean there's really talented athletes everywhere but this is a good training road. really wide. really really wide Shoulder also in smooth again latest nirvana and then and then a couple days later were doing the same ride and we're out farther and i'm like we pass this runner again and i was like. Oh my god that's dead low. My gosh that's who wants yeah. Yeah did not stop her because she was again well looked like she was hauling fast. But we ride our bikes again. We're passing each other face to face instead of coming up behind. Not that i would have stopped coming up behind her anyway but yeah so so then. I was like wow. I wonder you know like maybe. She's training for boston. And i was like i don't know and then and then i just saw a reference to carry tellefsen. Podcast see tally. Iran and she is training for fifty k. world. Yeah that's on the road. Yeah that's becoming. Yeah to be coming up as i listened to the thing because i wanted to hear if she mentioned arizona she gives she mentioned seeing you if she mentioned seeing you. I saw this mother runner going fifteen miles an hour bike man that had to. I wanted to see if she mentioned arizona. She didn't she didn't say what she was trading or anything but i am ninety nine. I don't really recognize one person that i do. So yeah so. I think she's doing her fifty k. Attempt she's very Sly about it. Just didn't say the date or anything but it's mid april so it's coming up so keep your eyes on it I think she's run under. I listened to the podcast this morning. So she has to run under the world record right. Now is a three zero seven for fifty k. so she needs to run five fifty splits. What she's looking for her marathon record or when she her marathon. Pr is five twenty three splits. So okay you know samir's six ten k. Extra top of that. I know i know so. Anyway it's exciting and it's kind of fun. It was fun to hear her talk about and you know in some of her workouts just crazy so anyway. So that was my. That's my. that's so exciting. I am my claim to fame. A million years ago was when. I was training for eugene marathon. My coach and i went down to eugene oregon and we saw gaylon rob back in two thousand nine so it was a long time ago so but to see him. That was pretty exciting. That and when i went running with christy turlington the model and the founder of every mother counts when she and i went running together on the west side highway that path there in new york. Okay so i was with her but staying road by on his bike went past us and then came back and they said hi each other. Oh how that's pretty cool. I did not know that story. Look at that. I can still surprise you day. That's cool that's cool.

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