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Let's Get Civical


And how you today. Oh because it's a conversation we're having when we are recording on easter day. He is risen and so are we like phoenix from the ashes. Now that we're comparison. Jesus that will send a straight to help for the thousandth time. Could you imagine. Could you imagine we have nothing in common except right now. I think my hair similar to jesus agreed to jesus to j. this rockinger jesus hairstyle right now. Shoutout to jesus. Hair stylist. Mary magdalene but yeah it's easter it's the evening were recording at a different time. Which means things are going to get weird. Things are gonna get weird capital w weird. I am in a new location again. And whenever that happens things get weird. You never know what's gonna happen. Yeah i am in my new. My apartment still but have moved into a different room. That has more furniture. So that's less echoey so we're going to see how this pans out but it's just sort of like an adventure. Every time we recorded on. What am i going here in the audio today. We've had some really interesting moments recently. That's like okay. It's only been two years. You know sure we appreciate everybody for bearing with us. I mean simply. We just have to get a recording studio. Yeah seriously shot about gas. Who's been doing this like us remotely. It's hard it's hard and that's what nobody tells you is that it's hard to constantly be making audio quality content with a radical chest sirens. Animals sound humans. Oh my i mean it's like the rest of the world isn't know that trying to record right now and it's rude it's rude. They don't know it's really upsetting They should know setting. But what's not upsetting is how like what we're going to talk about today and how it came to pass so i'm so excited about this because we got a dm in the. Let's get cynical. Dm on instagram. Which by if you're listening go follow us on instagram at. Let's get people and twitter because the reason why is we we do. Check these things when we get. Em's and we do respond to people when they d emma and this particular human who i don't have clearance to say i didn't ask if i could say who they are not going to. You know who you are. I just don't wanna put you on blast. This beautiful beautiful human reached out to ice and informed us that its library week like national library. Week coming up this week so mazing. I know and asked if we can do an episode on american libraries and we said up slowly. Of course there is no other option now for this week. Yes the moment the moment that. Dm came in. We scrapped all other ideas and we decided on this. His everything else can wait. We must elevate the else can wait. Yes absolutely it's this is also library week so we certainly want to get current with a capital seat so with that said before we jump into the episode. I just wanna say if you want to hear something here. S cover a topic or are curious about something simply reach out and i can almost guarantee that we will do that episode. Unless it's really weird and you even even to work with it it would have to be like offensive for us to not do it right right. Correct so police. The emma's please reach out to us. Let us know what you wanna hear. Because i it makes my heart sing So this episode is dedicated to that beautiful human who deemed us about american libraries. We love you so so much. This is your episode

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