How to Journal Using One Word


Can we use one word to help. Create a journaling practice. I'm gonna give three steps and this first step has several parts so hang with me. Step one is really simple. Pick a word now. If you chose a word that beginning of the year you can move on to step two but hang tight and we'll get to that in a minute if you didn't choose a word at the beginning of the year let's pause for a moment and choose one now because remember. Your soul doesn't know the date if you want to choose a word for the year in april you go right ahead. You're allowed to do it. You don't have to wait until december or january to start at the very beginning of the year. not only that. I've picking a word for a whole year. Feels like a lot of pressure or seems extra dramatic for your life right now. No sweat pillared for the month or you could pick a word for the week or you know what i'm about to say you could pick a word for the day. So let's release ourselves from weird boundaries that don't really matter and that might even be keeping us stock. Let's practice beginning again and making a confident decision and not over thinking this word thing. There is zero percent of a wrong way to do this. There's only a right way. There's just picking a word. So here are a few questions or thoughts or activities to consider as you choose a word for the day or for the week or for the month or even for the whole year as a reminder. We're still in step one of the journal with one word process but there are a couple of parts so if you haven't chosen a word yet first thing to do start with your life giving and life draining list. I call this life energy list. I always start here if you want to. You can set a timer and mako list. If you are new to this practice starting with what is life draining right now. What is draining the energy in life from right now in your life and then the second list is what is life giving.

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