7 people injured in overnight shooting in Englewood, Chicago


Injured seven people, one seriously. An update from WGN's Glenn Marshall Police were on the scene investigating the shooting moments after people were taken to hospitals. Police told told us us that that happened happened around around 11 11 P.m. P.m. last last night night near near the the Corner Corner of of 68 68 Self, Self, Justine Justine and and Inglewood. Inglewood. Ah, Ah, 39 39 year year old old woman woman is is in in serious serious condition condition here here at at the the University University of of Chicago Chicago Hospital Hospital after after she was shot in the arm and abdomen. Police say an altercation on a sidewalk led to the shootings. The woman is at the University of Chicago Hospital, the others taken to area hospitals in fair condition. No one is in custody. Mayor Lightfoot's calling for a

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