How To Boost Your Kids Gut Health with Dr William Lee

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In recent years. There's been a ton of research about the microbiome and gut health and a growing interest in probiotics for kids yet. What our kids eat is really the foundation of a strong immune system. They really need to start right away by making sure that their gut bacteria and gut health and diet as healthy as possible. That's dr william lee. Scientists and author of the new york times bestseller. Eat to beat. Disease will talk about how. The habits of covid may affect our kids. Immune systems ways to boost your kids gut health the best foods to focus on and if probiotics are good idea there so much advice an easy realistic tips in this episode. And i know you're gonna love this interview with dr li will. Dr lee is so great to have you on the food issues podcast. Thank you so much for being here. Thank you julie. It's a pleasure. Great so we hear a lot about gut healthy seas and for listeners. Who don't know. can you explain. What exactly the microbiome is. And why it's important for all of us and our children right. Well we've always known that our gut has to be healthy because you no matter who you are and where you live. You've always had that kind of uncomfortable. Gut the kind of tummy feeling. And now we have an explanation for what it is because we think us gas or you know maybe have a little stomach bug but we now know that in fact you don't have justice stomach bug. We've got thirty nine trillion stomach bugs and these stomach. Bugs are actually mostly healthy And that's what we call the gut microbiome. it's a it's an ecosystem that actually lives inside our body and in fact there's just about the same number of bacteria as there are human cells so We as humans are not actually quite human. Were about fifty percent. Bacteria healthy bacteria and fifty percent Humans and most of the healthy bacteria actually Live inside our gut has also On our skin in our mucous membranes. As well

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