Blooming Post-Divorce with Mindfulness Coach Deb Lauren


Am here with deborah lauren. Who is a mindfulness and meditation coach in a divorced mom of two. She struggled through her own divorce in dealt with depression and guilt and all of the things that keep us stop when life. There is a plot twist our way but now she teaches a heart centered approach to healing in his dedicated to helping women through their divorce. So welcome thank you for having me rene. So let's just start with what you do and why you doing okay. Two important questions. So i am like you said mindfulness and meditation all wrapped up in mindset. And i coach primarily divorced working mothers. Who are really overwhelmed and kind of overbooked and over scheduled in overthinking all of the roller coaster ride that is the divorce life and having that work life balance and oftentimes they feel like divorce might sabotage that success their chance at happiness their ability to be the kind of parent they wanted to be all those different things and i really help women step into this new version of self that they have to be in order to make good on those desires in those wishes and goals for themselves and their family and their future and it can be really tough to do that when you are kind of stuck in the sadness of it all in in the hard parts of it all which they are and so. I started to do this. Because i myself am a divorced mother and when i was going through it there was no such thing as this at least i didn't know that there was. I didn't know this kind of support was out there and i went through a really tough

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