Revisiting a Murder in Oregon



Were back in the foothills of eastern tennessee. A meeting is happening for the first time. In about thirty years between a woman who shot her husband and the niece of the man who died after the death of vernon store doc in nineteen seventy his wife suzanne and his niece. Dorothy met just one more time in a mental institution. Eventually they drifted apart. They didn't see each other again until they met at a farm in tennessee. In suzanne's small bedroom la noted in her daughter's house. Dorothy says she entered the room of a woman whose actions had consumed her for the last year and sort of for decades. The room was cluttered with furniture and knickknacks was small. Maybe ten twelve. A wheelchair was folded up behind a door. Suzanne sat up on a single bed. Wouldn't one which seemed to have an adjustable mattress or maybe a lot of pillows. There was a room. Divider folded up. Also remember suzanne's long blonde hair. Not much gray. She was sitting on pillows wearing a pink row tucked in under a chenille bets. Bread and i remembered her green eyes. I came into the room and there was a small dog brown and white. Why refer jumped all over me. The dog's name was hosting. It felt strangely familiar. I knew her so well. When i was a child and in college but i hadn't seen her for decades and yet coast filled with anxiety because here was the woman who had confessed to murdering my uncle.

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