A highlight from Dr Tony Nader, MD, Phd: One Unbounded Ocean of Conscious Leadership


Tony made their. I'm a medical doctor and scientist Specialist in brain and cognitive science. I have been with marriage mashed yogi and studied the science of consciousness. I lead transcendental meditation program worldwide. We would like to share with you. Thoughts about the deep meanings of consciousness. Life freedom responsibility and how we can understand and manage our life to have a great leadership state-owned congratulations. You're tuned into dov barons leadership and loyalty show the number one podcast for fortune five hundred executives and those who were dedicated to creating a quantum leap in leadership. Your host dov barron. He's an executive mentor to leaders. Like you a contributing writer for entrepreneur magazine. Ceo world and he's been featured on cnn fox. Cbs and many other notable sites dov barron is an international business speaker who is named by inc magazine as one of the top one hundred leadership speakers to hire now over to

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