What's the Divide Between Republican Leadership and Republican Troops?


Our chief Washington correspondent Kevin, I want to look at both parties right now. Two part question. What's the divide right now between Republican leadership? And Republican troops. I mean, it just seems an issue after issue. The Republican troops maybe are lined with Republican leadership. Is that true? I hear you on that point. But yesterday's remarks from Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell with regards to Georgia and particular in which he called on businesses and corporate CEOs to stay out of politics. That puts him right in line with Republicans in the base of his party. Look, I think just even beyond 2022, it's It's a fascinating time for the conservative movement because they're also isn't a leader of the party in the sense that you won't have one until there's a standard bearer for the presidential cycle, and there are a ton for lack of a better word of Republicans who are eyeing 2024 runs. But to your point I actually don't think there's a much division in right now. Because because They're unified in their political opposition against the occupant in the White House, whereas previously in the last cycle they had to walk a fine line are Democrats

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