Drummond a Better Addition to Lakers Than Rondo to Clippers


We'll really both teams. Latest editions have paid off saturday. Andre drummond helped lead the lakers in an upset win over the nets. Thanks to his twenty points and eleven rebounds while yesterday rajon rondo dropped five ten points in the fourth quarter. Help the clippers close out the pistons in a comeback win so shannon waiting to think long and hard about this who is the better acquisition from in oregon out here. I think both gas were what the doctor ordered I think would rondo. Does he is allow. He allows paul george and kawhi not to worry about the ball handling situation especially late in the ball game so now they can do what they really good. At that score the basketball rondo will always get them into the right set. He will always do the right thing. Andre drummond is. This is just what the doctor ordered scale because he gives them. Something that the lakers didn't have the size and strength on the block. A guy that could score down there a guy that could rebound down there and a guy that can defend down there so for me. I'm going to say audrey draw. But although i believe rondo a great acquisition andre drummond is going to be the difference between the lakers winning and losing the title. Because i believe skips if you remember last year would they could do. Is that javagal. Into why they all they own for the most time they own the rebounding advantage. I believe this is going to be another situation that they're gonna get a lot of second chance opportunities because the look the other night i think andre drummond had offense rebounds that gives you another opportunity to possibly get. Am one adult or is going to be kicked out to a wide. Open three point shooter so for me. I'm gonna take andre drummond. 'cause i love and plus he three in august this year

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