Blasting Houston Leaders Over Opposition To New Voting Bills

Houston Matters


On today's panel houston chronicle editor of opinion. Lisa falkenberg vivian. Ho health economist at rice university and baylor college of medicine and marcus davis the breakfast club restaurant and host of fish grits and politics. Lisa vivian marcus. Welcome to houston matters. Craig thank you panel. Texas lieutenant governor. Dan patrick had some choice. Things to say. Tuesday about the houston area's leaders and voting procedures in the last election cycle patrick speaking at the state capital criticized harris county for twenty four hour drive thru voting and mass mailing absentee ballot applications to eligible county residents all efforts last november to improve voting access during the pandemic. And all of which would be outlawed if senate bill seven passes this session. Patrick noted harris county does not make policy and create law for the rest of the state. He was responding to a monday. Press conference here in houston in which leaders including mayor turner and harris county judge. Lena hidalgo criticized espy seven arguing. It would discourage minority voter participation. turner called the bill. Jim crow two point. Oh echoing criticism of similar legislation in georgia. Patrick called that characterization race baiting the rhetoric is strong from state and local leaders. Over sb seven and voting procedures. Is this good bad or ugly. Lisa falkenberg from the perspective of journalists. It's good because strong rhetoric makes great headlines right from a from a perspective of texan. Just a texan. Who wants my government work. you know. it's bad it's ugly. You did this. This whole argument is just ridiculous because during the presidential election no one at the aftermath. Nobody was screaming. Oh texas has all this fraud always went you know. We need a recount in texas. No everybody was perfectly fine with the way the election ran but afterward things are so bad that we need to have all this reform. Texas is already the hardest state of the union to cast a ballot in. We have no need for more restrictions

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