Golf and sports bar in Delray


So you went hunting around mini golf in sports bar today. You know, we're really lucky here in South Florida because most of our restaurants still open and having a grand old time taking care of you. That would be one of my favorite places. Rosalie, this text mixed grill. Hi, It's Jennifer. So tonight if you're into curio key, or you like to sing Carrie O'Keefe, Or maybe you want to have a couple of margaritas and then sing Carrie. Okey Rosalie. This is the place to be, but not only do you get Carrie Okey, but you get a great meal, and they're following all the covert 19 protocols, So you're gonna be safe and have a great time. And the food phenomenal one of the best Tex Mex restaurants in all of South Florida. They have everything soups and salads, behaviors and tacos and could be Chung Ja's burritos, case, ideas and specials. But they also have a gluten free

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