How to Tell if a Foundation Will Match Your Skin Tone

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Can you please give stuff on five on. What is the best of quite to check that. The foundation that you'll put sing is going to net show. Skin can lays can have like a much better answer to that but my response would be to buy whatever and slap it of yourself. Because that's what i do and then pay. That's not the right shade kelly. I don't care. I blended it down to my nipples. We look like it is exactly it. Just go with it. Look at is really tricky. Good old carver times. Although i don't even think supermarkets ever had tested no it was more like priceline off. Did so there's a few options is a website called foundation dot com. It's a play on foundation and it matches your foundation shades to existing products. You already have so. You need to know your shade. And i think to existing foundations and then we'll tell you you're shading others so four also has an online diagnostics tool. I know we're talking. W and stuff like that. But sephora has a fantastic tool if you didn't want to do that. Some brands have their matching tools. So for example m beauty which is through big no The w would release the big place and there was a w they have their own tool on their website. So you can go on. Without what should i do. I've been hitting store or purchase online. Let's grab that shade. Mecca does give samples. I know that's not part of the question. But if you want perhaps look at investing because by the time i guess trial and error with the more affordable stuff you might go to make our get a little tiny. They'll give you a few skirts in apart that he can go home and try it. But i would believe it or not. You're look a bit strange. But i would take your existing foundations with you and hold up to the bottle because that's better than nothing. It's better than comparing to you. Skin on your hand on the skin on your face by holding up the bottom. That's really the closest you're gonna get on. It is trial and error yes. These are more affordable products knowing waste of money and product. If they don't

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