Entrepreneur Success Be Undaunted Kara Goldin - Know When to Move On

A New Direction


I'm going to move ahead though here too on chapter five Which is entitled. Know when to move on and i want to give you a quote from page thirty three. You said money is never been a big motivator for me and still isn't what's the point of making money doing something you don't love. I stuck with it. But i knew i was not going to stay at cnn for long. I think this is. This is another one of those little -portant subtle things that gold and says that i think is really really important for people to wrap their minds around help them understand this that little nugget of goodness. Yeah well. I think that the most important thing is you. Go out and try things right and i was. I mean. it's interesting to think that at the time. Cnn was what would be termed today. A late stage starter. right ted. Turner was still running around the offices. I mean it was. It was just crazy. It was not you know the size that it was today and he was splitting his time between atlanta new york city. But what i realized was that i was i was coming in there. Initially because i thought the ted was this god-like figure and that it was an interesting brand and it was really really exciting. But i understood it pretty quickly that it was not what i wanted to do. I didn't wanna do the type of sales and business development that i was ending up working on and but that didn't mean while i was there that i wasn't going to do a great job and i think that that's something that i you know really really when eventually a when you look back on things and you connect the dots. I think that putting all that you've got into an organization and knowing that you have got a time line versus actually burning out on the job right and knowing that that's something that is That really you can take with you at all times that you knew it wasn't going to be the place. I not only learned a lot about sales and some of the other things that i was taught there but i also learned about culture. The culture at time for example was very. You know blood an ivy league versus what i was seeing from ted turner who you know very much the the organization was you know very much to him and which i think is so typical inside of companies to where you know his swearing his his suit and his cowboy boots. I had even growing up in arizona. Had never seen such thing. But things. But i think that it's just it really speaks to no experience along. The way is a waste of time right. That's another thing that i say to people. Sometimes people would say to me always should never have stayed at that job for so long instead of actually thinking about what you've done wrong figure out what the lessons you learned from matt and also understand. Maybe what you'll take with you. I mean we ended up doing a super bowl ad few years ago. That was super last minute. And i think that a lot of the things that i learned from being at cnn helped me to negotiate that deal. Right i didn't know it when i was sitting there that we would have. I would eventually be running a company and doing a super bowl ad. But i knew enough about trafficking and add through and waiting until the last minute and people thinking you know that it's going to be one price but it will discount really fast the closer and closer you get to the super bowl so all of these tactics team was saying. How do you know this stuff. I mean and i said you know. It's all part of my journey somewhere along the way so there's lots of lessons in that chapter as well. you know. this is this just in because this isn't in the book but you just triggered a thought in in me that you just said you know i think so often you know when we're on our journeys we don't we don't think about that where we're at is going to contribute to something in our future and the truth of the matter is if we could if we could appreciate where we are at even if you're not real happy with where you're at that you could see it as being something that is going to contribute to something even greater. Yeah right i mean it could make the it could make it. I mean because that's what you that's what you just did absolutely jobs always said. It's like the dots eventually connect right right but when you're in and you go through challenging time you don't y- i'll give you another example. That's not in the book when the pandemic hit the us which you know. I about as last march and It was you know it was a really challenging time. You were an essential product so

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