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What wonderful refused my friends. I don't do anything. -joyed better reviews. Remind me again. One of the best to podcasts. I've heard any is knowledgeable and articulate hosts guests genuinely thought provoking analysis exquisite and the second one the warm light atmosphere mace listening to these episodes joey fabulous my boy absolutely fabulous the other one we had before the hors d'oeuvres so to speak. Try something else. Oh absolutely what did you say. Try something else richard. Yes yes that's what. I thought you said ma. Well you can't please everyone. I suppose we should pressure for the rooms. And i pay for recording true true friends. Romans podcast listeners. Lens your ears. I come to bury the liar plane not to praise it boy. I was a mistake june. Hello and welcome to the podcast where we take something old. Compare it with something new adds something borrowed to make something who yes something who yes. It's something who podcast episode forty one. I'm richard and we're back with another look at a pair of doctor who stories this time. With the roman empire theme first up is a doctor story imaginatively titled the romans. And then we'll have a look at tenth dr outing the fires of pompeii and with me to chew over. These offerings are big finished writer and missing episodes podcast paul available grazing. We've got astronomy and astrophysics author and occasional tv quiz show contestant giles. Good evening to complete quartet. We've got graphic designer. Dark prop experts gaffe. Good evening okay. So let's kick off with the romans. Written by dennis spooner the second dancing for demi spooner after vein savage pollution. Thank the reign of terror. You're absolutely and directed by christopher. Barry's done several by now. I'm sure Under- just directed the rescue. Actually in the sequence. So yeah he's he's he seems to have a six episode block of which is the second often a bit. So so the romans anyone particular thing they want to say to start off with this. I'll tell you what Us austar senator. Jeff say really impressed by the case that it went along. I mean i. I often find with these sixty stories that it's by halfway through. I'm kind of struggling a bit but with this one it felt like the that first episode. It goes goes along very nicely. I didn't feel at all like i was looking at the clock. Anything it kind of reached the another thought. They already. So i was pretty impressed. Interesting isn't it. it's a bit of a false start terms of of four parters because they've this is more any the third four parter stories of four nasdaq says so be this and they've they've got it had gold but they don't know it yet. We still struggle through years of six ounces and sevens and whatever until they find the Fives except by accident. Demons visa spurs until later. Yeah couldn't agree more. I remember i think the first summer so this was the the. Hsa did a double pack tonight. The rescue and the violence in our data to resist the temptation. Yes to get. Get the get the rescue at the way. The which is and that was an year. i love i love both. I think they've they're both great stories. Is that when everyone. I saw it. no actually. I saw cake older. Think i wondered if i was the only person for whom the phrase chalice full of malice at the palace is ingrained into their heads. Because that was the old for this episodes. Oh wow it just sticks in my head and it was surprise. Whatever they were paying that comes to. In fact i think still i think what he says is chalice. Full of malice at the palace provides some quid pro quo for the doctor. I think is the full thing. Wow that's That's extraordinary was going to ask. If called that that double pack the pack. The let me just get that. The rescue of the romans in place. Of course it didn't say because they didn't call it what year was anew. Uk gold then if we're going to compare notes and indeed what year was released in a big fragile plastic box. Double bill boy. Why would have seen at some point in the nineties. Wondering i'm sure it was vhs. Release i saw.

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