Caitlin Drown: What Exactly Is Climate Neutrality, and Why Is It So Important?


Are recording this episode. The day right after early two thousand twenty one and if you have not heard governments organizations pledge to the carbon neutrality our reach net zero emissions before you must have heard something about it this week or yesterday at least you must have also seen at least one of the amazon ads in companies comedian to be net zero carbon across the entire business by two thousand and forty apple in start is planning to become carbon neutral by two thousand thirty including its light. This all sounds good on the certify on the surface but is it good enough really why carbon neutrality is important in. What does it actually mean. So today i'm thrilled to be announcing the brightly is working with climate neutral and nonprofit organization. That is helping us. Work towards carbon neutrality by measuring removing out two thousand twenty missions and coming up with an action plan to reduce future emissions. and so very Where chatting with galen john's from climate neutral steam today to dig deeper into all disturbs. And what exactly they mean for you and the planet caitlyn would love you to introduce yourself to our listeners. I think you so much for having me on caitlyn drama and ended up brand engagement manager over at climate neutral. So yeah let's talk about. Climate neutral are relatively new organization. But you know. I mean you with connected over a year ago completely different live it was before the pandemic you guys go so much. You sign up so many brands so tell me what was kind of the ethos inspiration. The driver behind creating climate neutral. And how you work with brands. Can maybe even you as a glimpse of your future plants now absolutely so. Climate neutral is an independent nonprofit organization. In we're really building consumer standard for carbon each holiday. We are founded in february twenty nineteen ride a sounders of peak design violate which are two brands in the outdoor space and they have both gone through the process of making companies carbon neutral in realized that for this to scale to the degree that needs to to have him impact on climate carbon neutrality. Needed to be more accessible for companies all shapes and sizes so the two founders teamed up in found the climate neutral again just over two years ago in since then we've really grown to build out a three step certification process that companies go through each and every year in. It's the same process for all companies. They have to measure their carbon footprint. All the way up the supply chain down to deliver to their

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