A highlight from #453 Good Friends


How you guys feeling wherever you may be. Welcome back to the show. If for some watching via youtube we know to do smashed. I like by his. Subscribe to become dominant upi. Greatly appreciate if you listened via the podcast app. A five star review as well as a share will help the show go a long way. And if you support the podcast via patron to get access to my bonus episodes one per week. I guess released on monday or friday. Make sure you definitely sign up. My patriot patriot. Dot com foresights. Eight g. o. S. t. i n. h. o. To get more information and to get subscribed on. Don't delay get involved today. Hope you are well man. what am i to. i'm feeling good. My legs are akin I think the you know there was it been so far. I think it's been about free weeks to finish might be deferred week in the gym back in the gym Into doing things. My laser scientist achim senator walker duck oldies feelings and emotions. I felt prior are now coming back to me. And i'm kind of feeling happy about this. Pain is going to be short lived. I'm gonna get to a point where my physical endurance and my muscular interest is going to be a level west to bounce back a lot more quicker than you know than i am now and i'll get back to my peak fitness a few years ago. That'd be great but for now the feeling of having that you know being a little bit rough on the edges of it in luba sore is definitely a welcome feeding especially if destino spending the best part what did it feel like eleven months. Was it less than if it was less. Forgot how much time you spend because we did have a couple of lockdowns then. Did you opened end up for a small period of time. Then it went back under lockdown mcginn. But it's been a parental Time let's say it's been about a year without constant we've had ability to go to jim consistent basis one year. That's way too long way way. Too long Especially for myself and knowing the structure i need and the kind of clarity gives to be mentally and improve my mood and just allows me to do other things my life at a really high level. It was very much needed and a welcome addition. And i'm sure other people are feeling the same way. Just in terms of having the distractions of the you can do in the morning. Like it's just good in just together house a little bit mixed things up a little bit i mean and then of course when award reopens up again be blessed but still meant plateau. It took a long time to get there. But we're finally there so yeah feeling sore feeling a little bit achey but you know we just keep pouring through and doing the best. We can with the time that we have available because why the hell. Nuts was has been guiding. Oh you just beat roma six two. That's a pretty decent thing to talk about right. i'm at one. Eighty spent too much. Santa clara football because for the most part it seems that the full content on here isn't the most popular for coming from me. Actually but you know briefly took about the game you know of course A tale of two. If ever there was one we will losing two one of the first half and we conceded two very sloppy goes through. You know basically our mistakes that gifted room ago and at this level of for believing a rumour terrible. They have what one of the worst defensive records in the league. the seven Syria he just you know all around the most Dynamic and dangerous of teams still pre. You know formidable european name it. They've got some decent players. If you get them a charter. You make a mistake. They're going to score. That's the difference. I guess in other if this temperatures got knocked out they would probably scored a couple more and then that would have been four away. Goes insane by this level. We still manage to kind of turn it back. Give ourselves some room in order to give us a chance to go away to study. Olympic coach as roma's ground. And you know shop shop and really put in a professional forms of the catch him on a break. What you'd want second half was a completely different showing of took about the first goal That bring offenders go was delicious may be one of the best goes night ever school in a very very long time Edison cavani as well was like terrible in the first off.

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