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Decisions. Almost Brian Calvert has more state Senator Chris Gilding claims had Pierce County received the amount of vaccines it was supposed to. They wouldn't have been forced to take a step back. The Republican is introduced two bills seeking to correct what he calls in equitable distribution of vaccine after noting his home County has been shorted over 50,000 doses That could be the difference between the county staying and face three or a county moving to Phase two. That could be the difference between a business keeping his doors open and having to close there's no word if there's any demag Craddick support for this. Republicans in Olympia are also trying to get something to the floor that limits the governor's emergency powers During this and future pandemics. State law gives the governor a lot of authority during a state of emergency, including letting the declaration itself last as long as the governor sees fit, and with Democrats in control of both chambers limits on the governor's power, will likely not see the light of day before the session ends. Brian Calvert Colonias Health benefit Plans in this state will now have to pay for personal protective equipment for healthcare providers.

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