Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz: Mystical Molecules


Today's guest is dr mona lisa scholtz. She's done several books for. Hey how's she's did a couple of books with louise. Hay all is well and heal your mind and her. She has her latest book called mystical molecules healing from illness trauma and tragedy using medical intuition. I love the title. mona lisa. Tell you thank you re. It's a long time coming. So and so with mystical molecules. There must be some mystical experiences. Happened in your life. Well i think all of us have them think we think that a mysticism has to be woo out there. What we need to know is mysticism. Mystical events happen in the most commonplace. Crises or wonderful events in our life. What do you mean by the hour. They wonderful people think they have to go to get an oscar. Go away into the desert. Meet a guy or a woman in a hut who throws bones on the desert sand and gives you some kind of mystical awareness communication from the divine. It doesn't happen that way. All of us who some crisis event a loss in our life when the bleep hits the fan as they say we are intellect. Evades us and through the pain on mind. Our brains molecules in our body as it's transformed through -uilt from illness. The health literally are molecules. Become rearrange so they can access information from another world levine.

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