A highlight from The Candace Owens Show: The Lies of Modern Feminism


Okay ladies and gentlemen. We are rolling into another episode of the candace. Owens showed it goes back to the argument. At least the modern day feminist at least the modern feminist argument of sane while women should be able to do all the things that a man can and so what they do is they try to erase any physical biological differences between men and women. Of course we see that in his whole gender fluidity movement that it what does it really mean to be a man and a woman will abortion really plays a part in that right because if a man can physically walk away from her pregnancy than feminists would say well woman should be able to physically walk away from pregnancy to so rather than rejoicing in the privilege and to use a leftist word. The true privilege of being able to carry a child no matter how hard the circumstances. Because i understand. Circumstances are really hard for women sometimes. But instead of rejoicing in that privilege in that uniqueness feminine entity that uniqueness of being a woman. they want to take it away. so they can say there's really no difference between men and women and they think that's going to usher in this Egalitarian utopia where men and women don't have any differences between them and equality will be achieved is not going to happen. Do you consider yourself feminist. No i don't interesting. It's very very a lot of people that want to. And i know you said that you're not either. There's a lot of people who want to reclaim adam. I don't release. Burn wherever let it burn. I don't really see what we're fighting for anymore. I get the movement. How do these start because we actually did not have equality with men we have equality with men. In most circumstances we have more than equality with men. It's like plus all of these privileges on top of it. And when i think of feminism today i think of lena dunham types lena dunham out there. She's obviously miserable right. And she's not shaving her armpits and she's and she's and she's going out there and say this is freedom and actually what they identify what they what they determined to be freedom to me. Looks like misery right. We don't need men we don't want. Actually you do. Need men like we cannot physically like biology exists like this is not a good platform to have abolishment like we don't want any anymore. Men and the the movement has become so radicalized the only way for people to actually pull it back is to just let it burn. I'm not a feminist. I don't need to be a feminist. There's nothing that they're fighting for. That i agree with any more. It seems over privileged. It seems bradey yuletide upon a pussy hats and go marching scream during the weekday. You probably have. You probably have achieved equality right. And i just want to tell lena dunham like you're not shaving. Your armpits is not doing anything for me. So i'm just going to tell you woman a woman i feel totally fought for already like you can go ahead and shave your armpits. All got accomplishing that much for me. Since still now about twenty percent of people meet their life partner in the work place. What's the deal with. Asking somebody out for coffee or drink. And as far as i can work it out and i quote some people. I've spoken to in the book about this. But as far as i can work out. The deal is currently vis yukon. Can't do it and shouldn't do it. Because you could bring down your whole career unless you deployment once with one hundred percent accuracy that the you'll trying it on is to be your life mate. That's about that's about right. That's like that's that's a really. That's that's a big risk for that coffee ordering requests and unsustainable totally unsustainable is. Make the joke. And it's only half joking when i say if you know being gay could be a choice. If i was a man. I choose to be gay. Because you're always you're always trading in really scary territory with this rise of radical feminists on and here's the the other side of it which no one is really discussing. Is that these radical feminists who make this a problem. Right who everything. It's now to you look at me by attractive. I've been right. You're me to If you if you said a joke that was you know maybe a sexual nod or something. So that i looked good today rights or sexy today at you now me to the other side of that though. Is that what you're doing is you're turning men sort of into this tail in between to tell you seem legs dog emasculate man but the biological underpinning of this very interesting is the feminists. Don't want that auvinen. They're making men. They want right stunning piece. You have to read it. Promise me read. It is lena dunham. What a piece in the new york times great fat about how he just like she could. Oh my god she's totally nuts. You can actually see. She's now coping with the fact and she actually says in. The article has gone. too far. Sky won't make a move on me. But you're the you're the author ron amazon. This is what you major lane metal. All know newman. Who'd on me noman come up to you and say anything. It's not because of the way she looks. She is disgusting. In my opinion. I think she's gross but aside from that even if a guy would trend that territory. He's read her pieces. You've got to be crazy to go up and say. Would you like to go out on a date going up to a nuclear device success as a mushroom cloud every which way you go. I was listening to the scam. Feminism today would say go out and be like men be the most productive that you can be. You should want to work for the next fifty years and provide for your family. You can do it without a man dopp. The child you shouldn't want to pursue marriage marriage is bondage And that's pretty much the scam of the myth of feminism. Right but at their core. I think all of these women are running around digging at. They just want men to see them. But men don't want these radicalized women that are saying if we have chosen i'm gonna let them pick their gender. I mean that's like having little babies davies and there. I mean we now have the social scientific data since second wave. Feminism since the nineteen seventies women have become less happy not just relative to men which is also true but in absolute terms and the left is shocked by this they say no women have all of these new ideologies right. And it's making the miserable. Maybe something's wrong. With that ideology feminists. I got a got a call. I do a male female. Our on my radio show every week. And i have for about fifteen to twenty years so a woman called me. She said I'm fifty years old. I have a three degrees. I'm very successful entrepreneur. Ceo and. i want you to know that I deeply regret that. I followed feminist advice at college because when i come home after a successful they at work to an empty home no husband no children no family. It's not good. She was not a self pitying. I actually had her cole. I i've written a thousand columns. They're all on the internet. A thousand and i. I never did this before or after i transcribed her coal and that was my column net week. All i said was here is what a woman said to me on my radio show. I really do believe that. Modern feminism encourages male absence. It encourages it because it's become toxic They use terms like masculinity right. And i say to myself all of their examples the idea of what it means to be a man now is toxic. They think oh. This is a man. Masculinity is wrong. There's something inherently wrong with being a masculine man and me. i always say that it was toxic. Masculinity that saved me. I had a healthy fear of my grandfather. Nobody played around with my grandfather. This we still don't play around with my grandfather you know. And there's a certain level of respect when you're in his home there are rules. And because i had that healthy fear i i was. I guess more responsive. But that sort of a thorn. When i had to go out in real life i believed in structure and yet this version of feminism. Today we have women that are basically promoting men should act like women right and women should act like men. There's all this confusion you can pick krige on. You can do what you want. And ultimately what. I think it's doing is feeding into this idea of a breakdown of the family. Yeah you know feminism as branson liberalism and has had a very Devastating impact on the black community more than anything else. I believe And that's not just an opinion if you look back in and we don't have time to get into a lot of today but i could support it if someone were come up and demand. Where'd you get that from. I could show them the research and it didn't just like discourage demand being around and kicked out of the house. Try in other words. You know you're not needed here. Who became the male role model. The male figure all alkyl

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