A highlight from Remembering HRH The Prince Philip Duke of Edinburgh


So today i'd like to speak about an extraordinary man his royal highness. The prince philip duke of edinburgh of the united kingdom married for seventy three years to the longest reigning monarch in the world. Queen elizabeth the second of great britain. Philip was born on the kitchen table of his family's villa in corfu. The fifth and only son of prince andrew of greece in nineteen twenty one. He had four older sisters just after prince. Philip was born his uncle. The king of greece king. Constantine the i was forced to abdicate after the greco turkish war from nineteen nineteen to nineteen twenty two prince. Philip's father prince. Andrew was working in the army at the time and was accused of treason. An exiled king george. The fifth of great britain order that a royal navy ship should evacuate the family and prince. Philip was carried to safety in hyde that was made from an orange box in december. Nineteen twenty two. He was just eighteen months old at the time. The family fled to paris and he would attend schools in paris. Germany and scotland and when phillip was nine. His mother was admitted to a swiss sanatorium. Which is an asylum and was held against her will. After being diagnosed with schizophrenia after school he enrolled in the royal naval college and it was there that he first met princess elizabeth and her younger sister princess margaret king george the sixth and his wife queen elizabeth were on tour the college in nineteen thirty nine. Princess elizabeth was only thirteen at the time but prince phillip was subsequently invited to buckingham palace as a young war. Hero layer on they stated tach through writing it. It wasn't until nineteen forty six that prince. Philip requested her hand in marriage. It wasn't until the following year on the twentieth of november nineteen. Forty seven bet. They were married now. Prince philip and his new bride continued with his naval career. But only a few years later into their marriage it was apparent that king george six health required his daughter princess elizabeth and her new husband to take over many of his duties. It was then that prince. Philip needed to leave his naval duties and assist the princess with hers in nineteen fifty two king george. Six died in his sleep from lung cancer and it was prince philip who needed to deliver the news to his wife. King george was only fifty six the following year. Princess elizabeth became queen elizabeth. The second and prince. Philip entered into a life of service to her majesty and the people of the united kingdom the prince and queen elizabeth had four children prince charles princess and prince andrew and prince edward as well as eight grandchildren and ten craig grandchildren. It is recorded that prince. Philip performed twenty two thousand nine hundred and ninety one solo engagements. He took six hundred and thirty seven overseas visits. Made five thousand four hundred ninety three speeches and wrote fourteen books for me. That is impressive enough. But what is truly amazing is that he was married to her majesty. The queen for seventy three years. Seventy three years and one. She became queen served as the longest running concert for sixty eight years. Now i don't know many couples who were married that long have you. So i've been thinking of queen elizabeth since prince philip's death last friday april ninth which ironically happens to be my own birthday and can't imagine what she must be feeling at this time. Now you might think that just because she is a royal that she might not have the right to be feeling the same grief and pain and overwhelm that another widow would feel and i believe that not only is she entitled to those feelings but the emptiness from the loss of his presence after more than seven decades we'd be unbearable yes she might not show it publicly quietly when he isn't there for her. She might feel such avoid such lost. When you've spoken with someone almost every day of your adult life and they are no longer there. How could you not feel that void. As we all know at the beginning of our grief and throughout the funeral and burial we are surrounded by all our loved ones who flocked to us for support but when they all go home it can be exceptionally lonely. A new life begins whether we wanted to or not. We don't prefer this new life. We want the old one we had before. That was more comforting more secure.

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