Electric SUVs Star in a New Off-Road Racing Series


The sport of off road racing cars and trucks speed over. Desert sand buddy fields and rocky terrain usually these vehicles have gas guzzling engines but a new off road race series called extreme e uses electric. Suv's they're really bauer food. They're quite big and they raise very fast around any kind of surface so they can go about one hundred and forty miles an hour on sand over rocks. That alejandro gog extremists. Founder and ceo. He says the five race series which started earlier. This month will showcase the potential of electric vehicles. But we thought we go one step beyond that and we good promote electric cars on the most remote corners of the planet that are affected by climate. Change the first race was held in the desert of saudi arabia. To highlight water scarcity. Another event planned for august will be held in front of a retreating glacier in greenland on land that was once covered in ice in each location extremely will support research and conservation. Work in the races will be televised. So god says they provide an opportunity to increase awareness about climate change among fans watching at home and inspire new people to get involved in climate

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