Dan Dakich Clears up Comments on His Future at ESPN


Then dockage annoys squared for basically will get fleeced and a couple of weeks a has a statement to make so then wars i do. An article came out where i was quoted. As saying i you know. I assume i'm not working for espn who cares. It was totally taken out of context. And i want to explain it. Good for another good friend but a friend of mine Slick leonard passed away. Click leonard and i'm going to get into him during his five cast because his story is unbelievable. Pacers player won a national championship without you broadcast in the basketball hall of fame when i was going through some stuff About a month ago on twitter. He sent me a note very sick lately but he. He sent me a note. Basically saying houthem. Don't worry about things you can't control caria and then some other things and i kind of use that and as i was talking about six death he died during my show and was really unprepared. I said look. I don't know what's going to happen with. Espn is not going. Have me but you know what. Screw it i got. I can't worry about things that are in. That was the context. And then i talked about The hassle with with these professors. And i said well as best thing that ever happened to me because my wife and i after that started going with a cup of coffee downstairs every day and reading the bible since then and i actually on my show. I showed the number of plans that we had done for the last thirty four days and like like things do in a city of a million people somehow. This became the biggest story. In the indy star in the usa. Today picked it up. And i got my espn shirt on south. I love working at espn. I love the relationships that i have. Whether it's you or taylor bonetti or day fleming or art fox or leave fitting. I love it and i was simply making the point and i must've done very poorly that i can't worry because it's a big. It's a big thing in my life whether i'll be back with the because i love it. I love being a basketball. Listen i love doing these things with you. And i must have said it poorly

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