The Effects of Plant Based 'Meat' on Puberty


Just looking at the nutrition facts in florida regular burger versus beyond me the impossible burger. You wouldn't necessarily be able to predict the health consequences without further studies but we've had plant based meat alternatives for over a century. Wouldn't wanna canna good eaten pro does it is. After all the modern vegetable meat patent filed by dr john harvey kellogg in eighteen denied of course Products such as tofu in tampa existed in asia for centuries but i think of those as separate foods in their own right as opposed to products intentionally designed to mimic the taste and texture of meat with such a rich history hearkening back to the days of past the protein. Ah you'd think there'd be some studies of consumers and indeed there are for example girls who meet may start their periods six months earlier than girls. Who don't is it just. Because they're eating. Lots of protein and fat evidently not because girls who instead are eating meat analogues like veggie burgers veggie dogs or able to delay menstruation by nine months. of course. it's hard to tease out. How much of that is just from avoiding the meat But compared with girls who eat me just a few times a week those wait meet a few times. A day has significantly early age a first menstruation which also may help provide an explanation for why childhood meat consumption is linked to breast cancer later in life since the earlier. You start your period. The higher your lifetime risk

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