What It Means When Children Are Under Fire


We have a full house today though. Chris ted and john can you introduce yourself. Hi everyone. i'm chris brown. I'm the president of brady and hi everybody. My name is ted bonar. I'm a clinical psychologist and the director of an family fire and then sort of our man of the hour. Is it strange when you walk into a virtual meeting space and everyone just holds your book up with notes and says okay. Let's get started on delighted. Delighted actually see it in the world. I've been living with it for the weird thing about a book. You know you finish it so long ago and then you wait and you wait and you wait and then suddenly you actually see it out there so now it's it's always a thrill to see waved around admit meetings okay. That's that's a relief. I'm glad we didn't scare you. John and would you mind telling your listeners. A little bit about yourself as well as your great buck children under fire. Sure my name is john. Woodrow cox. I'm a staff writer at the washington post. And i'm the author of children under fire in american crisis. The sort of the short summary of the book is it's meant to be really an intimate account of the way that gun. Violence devastates this country and anna anna. Also a bit of a path forward in ways that we could make some small differences to help those kids both before and after they suffer trauma from gun wiles. I think intimate is a perfect word to describe this book as you detail. The ways in which children are impacted by gun violence through stories of a handful of children. What i'm wondering is what prompted you to write. Not just about the physical effects of gun violence in what that effect is on children but the psychological ex i think that so much of the coverage around the way that kids are impacted by gun. Violence focuses on the kids who get shot. We have such a narrow focus. And this really applies. I think to adults as well. There's this really narrow focus on and that's the headlines. I mean we can look at what happened yesterday. As an example. There's a school shooting all the cable news. Networks make a calculation to say. Let's wait and see how many people died right. One person died they move on. That's not an high enough death

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