A highlight from Inspired Conversations: EP 6 The Beast


Yeah because he's like i did. I sign lots everybody. I'm ashleigh and i'm kristen. And i'm meredith. We want to welcome you to inspired conversations. The podcast study of the book inspired slaying giants. Walking on water. And loving the bible again by rachel held evans. The book is available in paperback and audio. So please follow along with this. Even if you aren't reading along. I think you'll still find this conversation beneficial entertaining for your own faith journey. Today we're going to dive into a discussion around the beast and resistance stories in star wars music playing this time. Imperial march yes. It's great. I loved this chapter so much. Following the job. Chapter ended up being good after our conversation It was so nice to go to something that for me was super easy to read. I read this in one sitting. Because i was like Here's a patron. Yep now it was a lot of like rah rah. Let's go kind amped up who we gotta fight. You're ready to do some good today. Well this week as we've just said we are focused on the resistance stories from the bible. Let me give you a little. Bit of overview from rachel held evans own words. It's easy for modern day. Readers to forget the bible was written by oppressed religious minorities living under the heels of powerful nation states known for their extravagant wealth and violence for the authors of the old testament. It was the egyptian assyrian. Babylonian greek and persian empires for the authors of the new testament. Of course the massive roman empire one of the most important questions facing the people who gave us the bible was. How do we resist. Empire rule both as an exterior force. That opposes the ways of god and an interior pull. That tempts us with immigration and assimilation. They answered this question through the bible's resistant stories. Yeah great stories so if you want to go back to the bible and read some of these stories check out isaiah. Daniel revelation along with esther. We're going to give you a brief overview investor when ray to dive into that story. But it's a great an easy read all right. let's get chattan. Yeah so one of the first questions that we had to discuss today was This part in the book where rob bell. There's a a good rob bell quote and it reads. This is what we read again and again in the pages of the bible fearless pointed. Courageous subversive poetic. Sometimes they're casting other times angry heartfelt razor sharp critique for people nations systems empires endlessly accumulating more at the expense of everybody. They're stepping along the way. And that's from his book What is the bible on page. Two fifteen is this a biblical theme that you guys have noticed discussed before i mean that's that i mean i loved that quote because it was so it was so pointed but is it one.

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