Study Poker in a Way That Resonates With You


I don't enjoy studying just like of man. There's nothing that to ruin my day more than sitting in front of pyo for like four hours studying one output on one hand and figuring out all the nuances like that is It is not appeal to me in one bit but like get somebody that i can talk about poker strategy with and kind of look at databases and create hypothesis and plans like bounce ideas back and forth like i could do that all day for free. That's fun of it. Took me a long time to realize like. Oh that's that's a studying that resonates with me. That's my idea of you know that that's what that's what gives me the path to grow as a poker player more than anything else. Because it's fun. I enjoy doing it and i think that like if studying if you're listening right now and studying doesn't appeal to you. Maybe go about studying and think about reflect meditate on your relationship with the word and find a better way to go about it. That likes you up. That makes you excited to learn and grow. Poker

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