A Prayer for Greater Confidence in God


Confidence in god by meg bucher read by liam martin. Now when all the people were baptized. And when jesus also had been baptized and was praying the heavens were opened and the holy spirit descended on him in bodily form dove and a voice came from heaven. You are my beloved son with you. I am pleased luke. Three twenty one through twenty two soft thick flakes of snow accumulated an illuminated. The dark hours of morning. It's a marshmallow day my youngest daughter exclaimed. She bounded down the stairs online school cancellations and quarantines hadn't told her wonder and excitement for data to play in the snow. I'd overheard her praying for marshmallow day the night before my husband and i watched the weather and anticipated a snow day but her surprised joy overflowed onto me as her smile. Lit up the room that morning. The sky lit up the day. Jesus was baptized a day. Four told in scripture alongside so many prophecies fulfilled by christ's early life death and resurrection. John who had simply come to prepare the way for jesus baptized him. As the dove hovered. Over christ's heavenly had in. God spoke that he was pleased. Luke mentions the baptism of jesus almost in passing the new bible. Commentary explains he wants his readers to know that jesus was praying at the time and above all that he received a divine revelation. Prayer is powerful. An often overlooked daily. We rush about powering through difficulty and hardship without laying at the feet of our savior. We don't ask for help glance up to say thank you. We fail to get quiet enough to listen for in here. His encouraging guiding voice of wisdom comfort direction

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