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You you like minister. Short minister of gala. Yeah i'm definitely the department head of bloody. Marys hersher for sure so i mean although it might seem like we have already done we actually have it. I think the six hundred and three fire bit was just a surprise to all of us so now. Let's officially turn our attentions to fun. Facts on facts when sometimes when facts about the irs and this again is coming from the mental floss article. I was talking about. So i one from lowly agents to presidents. Those on the inside are often to seduced by the agency's power. Franklin roosevelt used the irs to target enemies. Like the publisher william randolph hearst. While richard nixon famously wielded it to investigate his democratic opponents under fbi director j edgar hoover the irs the nwa c. p. and civil rights leaders like mlk j. according to the investigative journalist david burnham quote in almost every administration since the irs is inception the information in power of the tax agency have been mobilized for explicitly political purposes of. We know it to be true. Irs brings people down. That's for sure sees next fun fact. you think. The head of the nation's tax collecting agency would be on top of his finances. No well in one thousand nine hundred fifty. Two josue new on junior was found guilty of failing to report eighty six thousand and personal income. So joseph newman was the head of the irs at the time included in this was eighteen hundred dollars. He'd one. After betting truman would win the presidency and nineteen forty eight. Wow so homeboy. Had of the. Irs was found guilty of failing to report taxes. This one think we all know they included in any way for years with authorities tried to nail the fame chicago gangster al capone but nothing stuck so they turned to the irs. Who put an agent named frank wilson on the case. Capone didn't have a bank account or financial records and was careful to leave. No paper trail the task. Monumentally difficult for wilson and his team after sifting through more than two million documents wilson finally came across payments to capone that hadn't been listed as income and this led to capone's arrest on tax evasion charges and an eleven year prison sentence which he served partly in my favorite place on earth. How much lower that actually might have done all of years. I'm not sure if he did all eleven but he did do a since alcatraz on alcatraz is it in it or on it in it. Oh i don't know it's an island. I feel like you would say on alcatraz or act at on out at alcatraz could be at interesting next one fact. The tax code is more than seventy five thousand pages long. You could say a bit wordy and there's a reason more people are relying on tax software and other services. The tax code is so complex. It makes warren peace. Seemed like a beach. Read this article and it's always changing between two thousand one and two thousand twelve for example. The code was amended four thousand six hundred eighty times or more than once a day. Fuck off it's too many tiles. That's too many times next month. Back with fewer staffers resources due to budget cuts the. Irs is performing audits on less than one percent of all tax returns. The exception is those individuals making than one million dollars who have about a ten percent chance of being audited since the irs knows it can make more money from errors on wealthy tax payers returns and then last fun fact so these are some of the legal challenges tax laws so legal challenges to the irs and national tax laws have been quite colorful over the years in one thousand nine hundred. Eighty four a wichita man named arthur port argued that income tax amounted to quote involuntary servitude and was illegal under the thirteenth amendment. Love and for trying in nineteen. Sixty-nine gladwin lamb claimed his income was not taxable. Because it didn't come in the form of gold or silver and more recently tax. Protesters like larkin. Rose have rallied around. What's called the eight hundred sixty one argument named after the section of tax code that outlines sources of taxable income and which claims that only income that comes from quote international commerce or foreign possessions can be taxed. One famous case was actor wesley snipes. Who cited the eight sixty one argument when explaining why he didn't pay taxes between nineteen ninety nine and two thousand and four sweet. Wesley went on to serve three years in prison for tax of asia. Trying that's amazing day trying to evade look my old thing y- like i feel tax evasion. Never works i feel if they got capone. There eventually gonna get you especially for making a lot of money like if you're trying to carry money. Irs is iras garidi. They won. They want a piece of the pie alway and eventually they get their pie but that is the end of our fun facts. And that's the end of our i r s at the sold. That's the history of the irs. And all things. 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