Soldier charged after video of confrontation with Black man


Are investigating a soldier caught on video accosting and shoving A black man in a South Carolina neighborhood. 42 year old Jonathan Pentland was arrested Wednesday and charged with Third degree assault. A Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott, credited the person who recorded the encounter. Very disturbing video that form that we're not gonna tolerate or conducting in Richmond County and message I want to give is that when something like that happened Sheriff Department's on that very swiftly. And we're gonna hold those responsible for those accountable. We're not gonna let people be bullies in our community. And if you are and you're gonna answer for it, and that's what we've done in this case. Space first came to our attention on Monday when I give his responded and took initial report. They did a good job at that point because they didn't rush to make judgments. They took the information have asked our investigators Investigators got yesterday. But the wrong with most valuable pieces of evidence we had was the video. I want to thank whoever is responsible for that video. Thank you for doing that. That shows we're talking community can do when we work together, taking videos reporting stuffed us. Our initial call came from a citizen that lived in that community who saw the confrontation and call, the sheriff's department reported The Ducks. That's what we asked our citizens to their When there's something going on in the community called. Let us respond that we could get involved and we can take care of it. And that's what happened in this case. Now the video doesn't show it started the conflict throughout the three minute video, though Pentland Continuously demands that the other man leave the neighborhood getting in his face at one point, pushing the man who almost falls to the ground. Officials at Fort Jackson, the army's largest basic training facility, said Wednesday they are Looking into the incident. On the

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