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Around threatens to increase uranium in richmond's to record levels seven clergy members are kidnapped in haiti by a local gang the egyptian government seizes the ship which was lodged in the suez canal in a far right party has been outlawed in pakistan. This is the world that large we are politics. One thousand and one. Thank you for tuning into this episode of the world at large. This show is free for everyone to keep it that way. Consider supporting us through the lincoln. Our description you can support by leaving review subscribing and sharing with a friend as well now without further ado please enjoy this episode of our podcast. Hello everybody and we are back with another episode of the world at large. And i apologize for missing last week so will make it up to you by just jumping right into yes. Let's shift john shipren into it And last week. That was usually installed fault. Last week is not jens fall. It was my fault so but yeah as he sent back system. How humble of you. I'm so humble as ninety nine percent of the time. But there's that occasional one percent you can ever be one hundred percent guaranteed to droop. Kitty is my fault. But anyways so let's go over to iran because guys this country has been making international news for like three or four days straight at this point because there is a There's a lot going on there because a few days ago a top nuclear facility in iran was attacked and severely damaged. And normally you know like iran might get attacked a little bit but it's usually like its proxies that got attacked. Something happens directly in iran. It's it's nothing major but this is the top nuclear cillian oliver on it. It was attacked and damaged until the site is called the nonce an natanz nuclear facility in at large. It lost a large number of centrifuges. And that's the machine which is needed to your enrich uranium and you did to enrich uranium in order to make nuclear weapons and And this led to blackouts all around iran and obviously if iran noise to make nuclear weapons for. This would not let them do that. Is this a weapons facility or a nuclear power facility. Well it's nuke its nuclear power so you'll be misleading people on here. Well the thing is. The thing is If iran was going to make nuclear weapons and if they going to do it in secret they would disguise in isn't cooler suspicion is they would disguise it as a nuclear power facility In so that's why the centrifuges were taken out because the ability exists for iran to do it and they have threatened to do it before If you know if the iran nuclear deal is restored and whatnot and so that that's kind of the suspicion that's going on here but yes you're right they have not made a nuclear weapon It's just that the attack happened most likely because the possibility exists. Although again this we'll get into. There's not exactly we don't know who did it really. But there's some suspicions it was destroyed. It wasn't me. Don't come after me please. Anyways iran has been quick. Devour venture overdid it. They are greedy. They do not like it for some reason around. Just get so mad when people touch nuclear facilities now look mine nuclear facility. I would smile laugh. I'd be like her thank you. I'm glad you like it. I get mash shotgun. Sh sh tech his property. Don't touch my nuclear facility off my lawn trying to shut down my nuclear power plant nuclear bomb. The atf says that we can't have nuclear weapons disagreeing. It's my rats on your warrant. Yes oh my goodness okay. So iran yeah. Iran does not they take a pretty similar stands to eat and they think it's their property. Why touching until they they pretty much like whoever did this going to die and so on. They blamed israel because that's usually happens. That's what the general suspicion is going on is that is the israeli government ali-akbar solu- the head of the atomic energy organization in iran is kind of like an agency another ministry and Do not make an official statement. Mr sally sally sally. I don't ask me solid solid. He he he said. I'm not gonna make an exact statement. The government might say something different as me. I'm pretty neutral. I all i do. Is i just managed care facilities. I don't do anything else. Until the government has of course cast blame on the state of israel However solu- said this specifically condemning this despicable. Move the islamic republic of iran emphasizes the need for international community in the international atomic energy agency to deal with this nuclear terrorism iran reserves the right to take action against the perpetrators. So someone's getting a spanking. Whoever did this is in big trouble. You don't want mess with iran nuclear Centrifuges i mean those things are expensive man and so again like i said before. We don't know if israel did we don't know israel denies it. They said no. No no no. This was not me man. It was not a nice and no one. No one else has been blamed. So it's assuming it's israel but again we don't really know that However public israeli media such as the broadcaster kahn which just means here and they have reported this attack in that they said that it was conducted by the israeli government so again this is a israel and company operating from inside israel.

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