A highlight from 123: They Call Us Raya and the Last Dragon

They Call Us Bruce


Hello and welcome to another edition of call us bruce and unfiltered conversation about what's happening in asia america and kumara. I'm feeling and jeff yang forever as just from our expectation of the name We are joined by some very special guests guests from a fantastic land. A land that is just giving us joy and we're talking about the creators of raya and the last dragon. Certainly one of my favorite movies in. I don't know like the quarantine basically and With today we have writers adele. Lynn and que- gwen welcome guys. We're also joined by ryan head of story fund virus and thorn welcome. Welcome back guys. How's it going. It is to be here. But i want to correct something. You guys have not had me on this show. Have we have really have a live event for crazy rich. Asians yes no. I don't. I don't remember like income set. Were on the phone talking to you. It was it was a live event. It was in front of an audience at the film. You do is you. john. Chu nico and chris chris. Pangu yeah yea panel. God we sneakily had you on the show. We basically just sort of the show around you while you're just sort of standing there like fake that whole thing to get like the rest of us on your show you what. We're promoting asian visibility because we were like one day. We'll have adele on for riot so we need to get our first on for. This is crazy rich asians thing and then and then now they're game we know. Have in the last dragon all right right. Well i let me let me say. This movie is in credible. I've seen it my household is like i don't know upwards of seventy eight times now that's more than you've seen crazy rich asians right just officially. It's probably around. It's probably yeah. Probably yeah at this point. Yeah yeah you you hit the sweet spot in that. I have a four and a half year old girl and she up to now has been kind of scared of most feature films. I think The intensity and i was like really surprised that you took to this movie immediately have little. There's some scary parts but she was like she cried. At the right moment you cried tears of joy at the end i was like yes. Yes and she loves. She loves riots. She loves her. Little took took plush doll. So i love your hair saying i love your book saying your little girl. You've already bought merchandise. You've watched seven times. It's all the right things fell. You guys hooked. I will say the four of the thirteen and seventeen year. Old boy market is also well covered. We watch it together and hudson and schuyler Literally this is. This is such an awesome films like instant favorites. An instant classic. And you know frankly. I mean they've been trained pretty well. I think on Animation with strong women protagonists. But you you know this. This particular I the first thing that keyed into honestly was that the action was legit like the the way that the choreography. The animated correct work. They were basically brawling before the movie was over. Because boys do that So props on all sides this. This is a

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