Amazon Unveils New Echo Buds

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As you're likely. Aware wireless headsets and wireless earbuds are all the rage of late over the last couple of years you know. We've seen smartphone makers like apple and samsung removed. The headphone jacks that. We used to love because that was our gateway to having headphones Remove those from those devices. And so as a result were leaning more on. Wireless earbuds or wireless headsets that we connect through bluetooth. Now apple of course has helped popularize this with the launch of its airpods which again are wireless earbuds that folks who owned an iphone or an ipad or any other apple device can use now. We've seen other companies get involved in this as well including samsung and amazon. Which not too long ago had released. Its own. take on these wireless earbuds calling him. Echo buds on wednesday announced a revamped version of their wireless echo. Buds that they say are lighter smaller and feature a redesigned case for wireless charging. So here's the breakdown you can pre-order these earbuds starting now and they launched in. May you have two versions of them. You have version that sells for one nineteen ninety nine and that's has wired wired charging so you get a usb cable and you'll use that to charge the case in charge your earbuds. There's also version for one thirty nine ninety nine and that one can be charged. Wirelessly sickened put it on a map. That supports wireless charging and you can recharge your earbuds in your case there for a limited time. They're going to have a promotion where you can get the wired. Echo buds for one for ninety nine. And you can get the wireless ones for nineteen ninety nine. As part of that promotion. They are going to also include six free months of amazon music unlimited as well as audible plus. These earbuds are really interesting. And they've added some interesting features on that. Make them pretty appealing for those. Who are looking for. Maybe an alternative to airpods. They're twenty percent lighter. The cases are smaller Amazon says they've also shortened the nozzle on the earbuds itself and also added vents. More air through so that it's more comfortable to wear and also it helps cut back on any ear pressure. you know. Sometimes you wear these earbuds and it feels like you're plugging your ears up while the idea behind these features is kind of reduce some of that

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