A highlight from 64: The Latter Half of The Week: Thursday, April 8th, 2021


Good morning millennials. Welcome back to the morning toast. Happy thursday we have officially made it to the latter half of the week. Get a yeah. Yeah fuck yeah half of the week vibes guys ladder. Motherfucking half of the week vibes. What a special time of week once again. We have absolutely no choice but to acknowledge that we're currently and and we are currently on the latter half of the week. We've got the fearless album coming tonight at midnight. Good things are ahead everyone. Rejoice rejoice thursdays are day where we do acknowledge the space. Our in gladly. Yeah because they're so much in front of them go willingly into the acknowledgement great as opposed to the times when the space quite negative like tuesday. That really just like feels like it should be a friday. You know hunting. We've a great show for you today. One because it's thursday to because the here and three because we're just like living on this high of putting together. Probably the most epic bong that like the the internet and youtube. Youtubers are fucking quaking in their studios. Yeah it's true. We filmed move bond finally yesterday crispy cream. Sasha beverly hills cafe taste test it will be going live today. Ready for you. We'll be by patriot dot com slash morning. You march wolf down. Some sweet treats and really like so many of the speech rates from our past. We're just bringing back all these memories for me. Yeah and you'll you'll watch us go down memory lane. I personally found the move along. Variance quite stressful It was really crazy. We had so many sweets yesterday. That i actually really felt later in the day like i was so tired and like you. You're watching the video. We definitely a sugar high for and then later in the day i was really coming down off the sugar high. And i'm like i understand. How sweet just so not good for you. Oh i didn't really experienced that. I just experienced like this attornal high of just being full on donuts. And i had the best time with the mubanga. Having to be being forced to eat. Sweet treats for your job like okay. I will go with the job at day. You know. I went to live method afterwards. And i was like i have like i was like. I'm sorry i i had to work. Yeah no it wasn't lying. It's not our fault that like our job is just like so demanding rigorous. So exhausting eight. Actually it was. That was exhausted. It was really fun. And it'll be up on our on so make sure to look out for that and tons of new content coming out this month. Yes definitely and in may and in may get it when you watch the video yet. Little patriots joke l. o. l. But beyond that. We've been amazing show for you guys today. The real housewives of new jersey was on last night and things got weird so we are definitely going to be discussing that in addition to all the things happening on the earth last night. Yeah lots of earth news you know like local earthy news people just like doing stuff making news making waves. Yeah and i think we should. We should get into it other than that. I had another busy day yesterday. Nothing much nothing much to report anything by you. Actually got home from our mubanga studio session. And i plop myself on the couch and i wanted to watch something and i didn't care so i just put something on and when i opened netflix's legally blonde was like right up there perfect. I haven't seen it in full in so long. And it really is a feel-good movie. It's not one of those movies where everything goes wrong like. It's really like an empowering moving. And i guess i haven't seen it in so long that it had kind of like a new perspective on it because like as a as a kid i remember watching just being like l. Is everything of the sort and of course i still have that takeaway but now as an adult really realize like how much of a role model was like. Because she was like this girl who just like literally. The definition of everything of the story was so cute so beautiful and really smart like she would. She put her mind she. She achieved it but she was also like so nice. Like i feel like that's like forgotten. Quality of elwood's vivian was the meagre like l. Was always nice to everyone. And you don't always associate like the cool girl who wears all pink as being the nice girl but l. wishes breaking down barriers. And i feel like it's a really good movie for young women to watch. I totally agree. It was just so and also hysterical. I was just laughing laughing laughing. The ammonium just so good and so many stars linda cardellini chutney the role of a lifetime That it was walking through the front door so good.

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