Eliminating Marketing Guesswork with Mike Lewis from Click 360


Today i am joined by michael lewis co founder and cro at click. Three sixty. mike. How you doing man doing really well. Thanks for having me appreciate that. I'm excited to have this conversation. We're talk a lot about intent and figuring out which visitors mattered and where they're coming from but before we get into that just tell us a little bit about yourself and about click. Three sixty yeah. It's what i never know. How far back to these kinds of questions like do i go back to the time or do we just start with the company I'll tell you what i think is super interesting. It's sort of it'll bring us into this. Conversation is the way in which ended up with the party or click through sixty is throughout. My career started very commoditised sales space. Where you know. There's really no way to actually know what a qualified lead is a numbers game or pubic contacted. Hopefully converts and then from there actually moved into more of the world of marketing where we're putting signs on wall and hoping people call And there's a problem with hope in marketing right. There's really no place for gosh. I hope they calls me And so i've been whittling down the ability marketers. The information needed to know where their budgets are allocated. So when i originally bumped into my partner who is in the process of learning about or anti building out this marketing intent machine That's really saw that there was an opportunity to give marketers that immediate feedback on. What's working and what's not so what the click three sixty platform really is its customer journey. Optimization by far is the form of deep learning to recognize that behavioral intent that says this person is more likely to confer rather than this person so that marketer can actually reach back and say these marketing channels actually source those people mostly to revenue. So we move away from that dreaded guests in tests where i go back that sign on wall do a bunch of marketing. Hope somebody calls to being able to measure in real time that behavioral intent that says there's there signaling in patterns of behavior that says this person's going to buy marketer can actually affect that deal by seeing that

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