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On welcome to the new media show my name is todd cochran and of course i'm joined by my co host. Mr robert greenlee. Few minutes getting late started for the live audience. Sorry about that. Rob atta conflicting event. People love to talk. Don't they yes they do. It's awesome and And i found a buzz. So i gotta i gotta move my road. Caster power supply. It was causing it. Got close to something. And you know it's i said. What did i add recently. That is the problem. And i kicked the power supply. The buzzer went away so It was close to to some wire as the case. But anyway it's just you know life life on live yes it is always fun and us on the edge and you do sound fantastic so you said you made some tweaks on your side too right. Yeah i've been. I've been adjusting. You know like my my backgrounds. Different on get some the cat. Pictures gone yeah. Get some different Lighting in here get the the distance between things and so trying to change it up. A little bit could always always trying to make things better. Yeah that goes he opens. It's never ending saga. So i have to you guys that have cats are gonna appreciate this. I have this very beautiful sound conditioning. Paneling in the studio and on the one wall it looks just like a cat scratch pad. You know like where they go. Scratch their claws. I'm happy to cost me some money. Someone went to replace a couple of panels and and put up some sort of her so that they can't Redo the damage sat in the corner and they get on the corner stretch out and they like to so yes they just cost me couple of hundred bucks so you know cats are cats yes they are they definitely like to stretch their claws out about many of many cats over the years so and i think it's cruel to have him declawed so i'm not gonna do that and i know some people do that because they can't handle it. The furniture gets tore up but it is what it is but anyway enough on cats dogs or laughing but dogs instead of scratching the walls or scratch and stuff they just tear up sofas especially if they're a breed that leads to dig into and everything else right exactly so it's just a non stop stream of stuff going on in the space right. I mean the podcasting space. You know i guess. Google podcasts is testing personalized episode recommendations that i used today. I keep saying google is You know they're they're gonna they're gonna make there impact. Yeah and they're sitting in a very good position to do so. That's for sure. I think i've yet I here in one year. It's not it's on my end every about every year after he plays this cable. That i'm showing you rob. I was the roll over this thing. It it's cable connection to my headphone cable on. I roll over this with my chair. Oh squash and then at some point and says i'm done playing your games and ends up in the trash You know i it's. It's it's really not surprising I think it's kinda funny. You and i both had a phone call today with lindsay at pandora because he he told me to say anyway so anyway you went first. And second and Looks like they're staying busy too and ramping up. Well if you think about all the companies that they merged with there are purchased or acquired or whatever you wanna call it They definitely have had their hands. Full trended sort. All that out yet cohesive strategy together and get the get the staffing of that. I would think that the staffing part of it was probably the more challenging. And you know it's an maybe it's maybe it's a worldwide issue right now. I was and it chris. This has nothing to do with anything. But i had taken my snow tires off my car today. Had the place. I go to the store. My summer treads and go in there. And change to winter treads and i was talking with the guy and he pays a twenty three dollars an hour in here my little town and he can't get help really can't get help and of course you know worked in a tire places dirty dirty is in you know and your well you know it's steady but at twenty three dollars an hour you know and he can't he's just he's just frustrating only hires old people he can't hire young people because they come in and work for day and they leave. I wonder maybe this isn't the case in. Pandora would be more blue collar type stuff but i just wonder if these companies are having a hard time finding people could be and of course it's a unique unique I guess for better word skill set. So it's just like you. We don't wanna spend six months training someone to come up to speed on something. So but they're licey the opportunity guests in those of you. That are in the podcasting space. Wanna make it a full-time gig. I think people should be watching these companies Listings for job. You know job listings. Oh i think. There's lots of lots of jobs i mean. Just look at the pod news Does that comes out every every day. I mean there's jobs and jobs jobs listed in there. But i think you do need to have some relevant experience right ideologue housing to qualify for a lot of these jobs. It's not like they're they're necessarily easy jobs because a lot of them are around content. Which is those can be difficult jobs taught. I also noticed that the the riverside. Fm now have an iphone app essay. to say. Did i knew this was coming. And so they it's it's in beta so there are seeing how it's gonna work with a bigger mass of people so it's pretty exciting that well maybe that up the quality for people they're calling in you know they're doing do an interview on an iphone supports a video as well right right so you know. I'm actually looking at it our right now in the app store. I haven't loaded on my phone but it certainly looks like an interesting direction. And i do think this is part of a broader conversation that i think over the next few years. I think we're gonna see more and more tools. Come to the mobile devices for creating podcasts. Yeah i think creation creation tools are gonna probably really evolve over the next couple of years to because. I do think that there's a good chance that mac. Os and windows. Whatever are gonna merge into more of a mobile operating system if you think of you look to the future but if you look at not just that if you look at what Anchor did and making that mobile app. Making it easier to you. Know to record a podcast. Now i think a lot of those podcasters find out pretty quickly. Those may not be the quality they need to be and it's largely because of the equipment. They're recording on with their phone. Because you you know there are now good. Mike a hook to to a mobile device so can up your game in the audio quality so i think more and more of the of the hardware. I mean the road pros a good example. That i mean you can plug your iphone directly into that And to be able to you know. Can you produce high quality audio content through that going into your iphone. I think it's. I think it's definitely more and more possible to to use a mobile of or an ipad as your primary method of recording. Well it'd be. It would be interesting to try a and have your iphone. Plugged in to erode caster. Then have

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