Who Killed Dr. Teresa Sievers?

Sword and Scale


Theresa's seaver sister recalls the weekend of june twenty sixth twenty fifteen. The began celebration of their mother's birthday and abruptly ended as the last weekend the family would ever spend together. We enjoyed the weather the first day. It was beautiful and we swam in the pool and we relaxed in the sun sister's doing yoga. She prepared a beautiful dinner starting to cook for the weekend. And we just enjoy each other's company and had wine and laughed and played a lot of scrabble. 'cause it rained the next day so we just played a lot of scramble. Hanno 'cause much to our delight there was a piano there on my sister. And i played and we hadn't played in years. There was a lot of that these gatherings it was once a tradition to take a family photo together and so all the siblings significant others and grandchildren huddled around each other smiling knowing this family ritual would soon and forever be too painful to recreate as the family. Reunion came to a close that sunday. Evening theresa savers her husband mark and her two daughters drove south to laguardia airport. Which theresa would be dropped off for her flight. Back home to receivers was in fact. Dr theresa verse with a busy practice patients to see first thing monday morning. Mark and their two daughters would stay behind driving back up north to connecticut. Reuniting with theresa's mother and extending their vacation for the next several days theresa returned home just after eleven pm that sunday night and after parking the mini van in the garage placing our luggage near the front. Bumper theresa walked through the laundry room and into the kitchen where she would set her purse on the counter. Undoubtedly feeling that same sense of comfort. We all feel when we're finally back home. After a long day of travel but hardly a moment that past when an extremely loud crashing sound rang out like a gong being hit directly behind earlier that going off the kitchen walls and startling theresa with a terrifying notion that someone else was in her home. She turned around. The large man was already through the laundry room and standing in the kitchen doorway wielding a hammer and striking her in the head with three swift strokes.

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