Mbappe Powers PSG Past Bayern



Water match between buying munich and psg pse found themselves two nil up buying a bank to two two but in by gives psg the advantage going into the second leg in paris next week so much to talk about regarding this game. But you're gonna start with you overall. Just a brilliant match to watch absolutely brilliant match to watch. I think we all enjoy did. Obviously from a german perspective would rather by munich scoring five. Six seven goals. You know they had enough chances to to win this game but you gotta give a compliment to zuma this solid well that were highly aggressive in. Pompeii brought him up in a second golden martinez. But then it's typical by munich. They're gonna come back and they came back they came back. I mean had made some adjustments in the young already in the first time. We've gotta seems like he was injured a little bit and Ease up dow zula wafting by especially alfonzo. Dave is coming in on the left flank. He made a little bit of difference in that post and that made it created chances after chances thing tomas played an outstanding game. The eagle is it an popayan made through a goal. I think overall attaya maybe we would have been a more honest the sold but it's going to be wide open for the second leg even if peres comes away with a win. It's not over yet. I think i'm unique. We'll go to peres next week and give them a real goal and anything can happen there in In perez next week

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