A highlight from S2E7: Night Caches



With me shadow. Dragon one where. I discussed geocaching in my adventures with. Hey everybody shadow dragon. One amy here before i start this episode. I wanted to shout out to angel listener. Who wrote in with a question. Angel i try to email back a reply to your question and it keeps bouncing back. The email comes back undeliverable. So if you want to reach out to me again or send me a message over. Geocaching dot com. Please do so a sorry. Haven't been able to get back to you so this let's talk about night. Cash is what is the night cash simply put a night. Cash is a jio cash that is intended to be found at night quite often. They are mystery or multi caches. They can even be where it goes that are set up to only played during certain hours. Sometimes they may be traditional most commonly though they seem to be mystery or multi caches. These caches are set up to where you go to the posted co-ordinates which is typically set up as a way point from the posted coordinates. You follow fire tax reflectors that are used to create a trail and follow those along. Different way points until you reach the final cash which is a physical cash container often. These are placed in wooded areas or parks. You're not gonna typically find. This is a lamppost cash. But it's possible. Somebody has set that up. If you've seen a lamppost cash night cash. i'd love to hear about it. So how do you know if a cash is meant to be a night cash. Well there's a couple of things there attributes to look for. there is actual night cash attributes. That's the first way you can look for. There's another attribute that is recommended at night. There is the flashlight required attributes and there is the uv light required attributes. This would be used if there was uv paint or pin involved so if a cash has these attributes it's intended to be cash. It's possible that it may be noted in the cash name but it's not a requirement so if you're going to go night cashing you're going to need a strong flashlight. Need that flashlight to help you. Spot reflectors or those fire tax. Bring extra batteries for your flashlights. Because if you're in the middle of cashing at night and your flashlight dies you might be in trouble. Be prepared for wooded areas a lot of these get placed in what an area be prepared to be in the woods at night. The woods at night can play tricks on you. The sounds and stuff. Don't let it get to you if you don't feel safe. Don't go but these should be placed in safe areas so you should be fine but the woods can't play tricks on your ears at night so just be prepared and if that uv light attribute is marked make sure you have a uv light. Otherwise you're gonna have trouble finding the cash so some tips for night cashing read the full description before you go. The description may have additional information for you such as follow the fire tax. Until you come to a different number of tax and then had left or something like that it may give you indicators of when you're near the cash or tips and hints on what to look for so make sure you read that full description consider going with a friend or a group of people safety in numbers if somebody falls and gets hurt at night you got somebody with you but you also have more is looking forward the trail of fire tax that can make it easier to spot. Consider marking your parking spot on your gps or you smartphone. Before you go things look different at night. And even if he gets to the cast just fine. You may have trouble finding your car on the way back so just something to keep in mind. Check the weather before you go out. You're not gonna see rain clouds rolling then at night. You don't want to get caught out in a storm in the middle of the night so you might want to check on that forecast before you go. Make sure it's supposed to be clear. Make sure you go in the areas open. Go during posted hours if it's in a park and the park closes at ten pm. Don't go at eleven. Pm if the park rangers find you. You may end up with a hefty fine.

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