Washington, DC releases causes of death for 4 people in Capitol attack


The corner in Washington. See revealed the deaths of the causes of death of four of the five people who died in the January sticks massacre. It was you know, the news media called it all kinds of things there, blood drenched and it was all this up. Two individuals died of cardio events, heart attacks in effect, one died of a drug overdose that remind me of Woodstock Woodstock. There were three deaths at Woodstock. Three days of piece of music and three deaths to drug overdose, and one guy passed out in a sleeping bag was run over by a tractor and killed at Woodstock. So at the January six, right Two people died. Medical examiner Washington DC Yesterday only took three months only took three months. But we're not done yet because we still don't know how Officer Brian Sick. Nick died. That's a secret. It's a state secret because the Democrats are using it as a political weapon. So The coroner's office in Washington, D. C is still keeping it in a little hush hush has swept under the

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