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Them champions on the field and in the boardroom. I'm your host. David meltzer taibbi get screwed. I stephen and brady yang founders of screwball whiskey. And i'm so excited because they have this type of marketing. the screw is type of entrepreneurship. And it's all based on truly being good people. And i've learned that. Welcome to the playbook steven britney. How are you. Bank super honor. I mean i'm a fan boy. Right now i love it. Will i know. Brady's a fan of my My perspective which is compliment. You could give me. I'd rather be a fan of my perspective because the perspective will last a lot longer than dave meltzer will especially with all the whiskey. I drink in my life. But i'm curbing hopefully You know. I want to start with the screw. It forward initiative. Because it's right up my alley. I think people sometimes in philanthropy take things too serious. I live by life as you know by rule number six. Don't take yourself so seriously and you've done that with a quality brand and quality product and you've enabled it to not only be fun but you're paying it forward to help a whole bunch of people and you have from your overall brand story in the growth that you've taken really taken into consideration being kind Which i love in although the brand itself respond. and it's you know for me bonding. Can you take me through the kindness part. Which is to me and anomaly in your space of how kindness played a role in the expansion and growth. That you guys are experiencing. Yeah so i know you probably want my life story but he has to go back to my life story how we got here and so you know. I was born in cambodia like the country. My my my grandparents and my grandparents and my parents. was My my grandparents. And i know you've been done tons of these interviews already today. So i i'm i'm nervous. I done some the biggest story. Playbook welcome to the playbook so mom. My grandparents and parents migrate from china down to cambodia. Fortunately they chose the wrong countries ago to a which is a cambodia and mike. My grandparents lahser lives alliance alcohol during the whole genocide. That happened. i've they were actually was able to again back then if they trail. Barb goal for a banana. They said no way. I'm wanted to keep the banana. Because i can't i can't survive off the goal so Through damn they always thought about you. Know just always kind as you know the help people than right. When people need help melts. Ill come back tenfold and so unfortunately Similar happening currently were airborne viruses going on and so airborne virus happened to have in polio. So i caught polio. Pretty much overnight. I had the high fever and bad vibes attacks on spinal cord and lack my right leg permanently paralyzed so my parents at the time they were building a wealth of They were butcher is actually pigs farmers and so they decide to leave the cambodia. Crossing those lime border were snuck into a refugee camp. I an and in there. We saved there about six years. Essentially a prison anna biden you once a month sole plane with a in every bite with stop like the twilight zone look in the sky high one. They forgot answer by iran at the kindness sponsors. You in which had happened for us ran. Amac kinda got sponsor and brought into ocean beach san diego and there. I met my wife and i. We were all skin and bone all the taught. All skin and bone had no money. You know i mean everybody. A lot of people have american dream story of no money. No english know. I remember at airport. Zippy my pants up and down. Because i don't speak english and wondering where's the restroom you know using sign language Spilled the couple of sponsors in the. Us sauce all skin bone gave us baskets of food. All-time consists of apple bread and peanut butter. There was low. peanut butter. Have start so you know we. We like live in a car little garage in so blood. But from what we even though i have such a tough childhood there was so much kindness. When i got to america dodd we we just been just on the opposite side receiving end and you know for britney.

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