A highlight from 79 - Finding Confidence


You some really easy tricks and tips on how to gain more confidence. Please listen in shannon. I put a lot of effort into these podcast recordings and really think if you listen and you do some of the things that shane and i are asking. You will gain more confidence. It is just a matter of taking action and doing the very thing that you want. Also we have some really cool things coming up we. We are so grateful for you and all of you listeners. That have been a part of our podcast family. And we really really are gonna bring next level stuff to you. And so shane and i are going to do a zoom call with Up to one hundred people. That's what we can have on zoom call right now So if you get this and our interest in joining zoom call was shannon. I please email us at podcast. At sprinkled with hope dot com. And if you haven't visited our website please do so. We're going to have all whole bunch of information. That's where all of our stuff is going to be on our sprinkled with hope dot com website. So please visit there and listen in and gain more confidence today. Go to this Ooh welcome back to speak with podcast in your house shane. And today we're gonna be talking about confidence. Confidence can be described as a belief in oneself A conviction that you have the ability to meet likes challenges and to succeed that way it could be a willingness to act based on the trust that you have inside. It's really your feelings and confidence comes from within you. As i was a young team i would have been viewed as someone that was a little bit shy away reserve. Because i was a wasn't that a lack confidence it was just that I think the outside world would viewed me as a little bit shy I wanted to share personal experience of playing soccer. I've talked a little bit about that. And i started playing soccer when i was five and fast forward to my freshman year in high school and i. That was the first time. I tried out for the high school team. And i made it. At the end of the year they were handing out awards and they're handing out. Mvp's and those type of things and my award was that i shot. I shot so many goals. But i never made anything. So it's like this is great. Shame can shoot on goal. But he's not gonna win for scoring and somewhat probably think will that shattered my confidence and it really didn't. It didn't really do anything for my confidence. I felt like it was a good soccer But maybe maybe i struggled that. You're whatever it did nothing for my confidence fast forward to my senior year in high school a few years later and i led the state in. I was second in state in scoring. I was mvp for our high school soccer team. And i didn't feel like that did anything for my competences boost my confidence. I was the same player as it was even as a freshman. Maybe i just needed time to hone in my skills or whatever but as far as confidence. It didn't do anything i felt like. I was the same every year So now that. That was just something that i wanted to share I have a few quotes. We love to quote. My first one is anonymous. It says a flower doesn't think of competing with the flower next to it. It just blooms. And i thought that's the same thing with with us as humans. We don't have to compare ourselves to the person sitting next to us. We have to compete with that person. We have to compete with ourselves. That's the only one or we just bloom. We do whatever we want in life and the same thing with confidence. Weaken confidence comes from within each one of us. And i think as we look back on little children. I believe that children start to develop confidence And maybe they're taught that and then as we get. Older confidences is taught out of us. So we start to listen to what the world is telling us and rethink. Oh we're not as confident as we should be and that's where we get into trouble. We need to get out of our comfort zone and push past that fear. Sometimes that hold us back of competence. So that leads me to the second quote that i wanted to share from mark twain and he says courage is resistance to fear mastery. Fear not absence of fear. So wanna keep that in mind as you think about people that you might view as confident people that they're just brimming with confidence. It's not that they have that they have no fear. Everyone has fear they just have found ways to push through

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