Bowen Yang on How His Journey to SNL

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Bowen yang. Thank you for joining us. Thanks so excited. This is my debut on the cbc really. Are you kidding me. I think so well they will actually know you know you know what happened after we did boehner high on. Snl someone did reach out from cbc. They're like can hop on an interview. And i might the publicists At nbc said maybe not the best idea just because people seem to be very upset fits the best not accept people even further. You understand why people were upset. I know all the reasons people are obsessed up to all of them and i apologize deeply. Montrealers love when montreal is spoken about especially in something american but the irony is that as soon as we get that acknowledgement were immediately critical of it. Like they didn't get it right. It's not good answer for us but your sketch was so good. It was silly. It was fully character that was completely inaccurate. I understand anyone being upset or taking issue with it. But i'm the same way a- anytime someone acknowledges me anytime i get any attention if it's even slightly different from the kind of attention i want. Then i get very upset. But i think one thing that a lot of people don't know about you is that you actually live in quebec and so there is a real connection. I would happen. I i grew up in. I grew up in brossard and i spoke french better that i spoke english. I like. i spoke french better than they spoke. Mandarin i like it was i was truly like one of y'all got plucked away.

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