Trina Spear on the FIGS Revolution in Medical Scrubs


Figs threads for threads initiative donate scrubs to medical professionals in need around the world. No wonder fixes made lists like fast company's most innovative companies for branding and inks roster of fast growing companies. Not bad for enterprise that started by selling scrubs out of the back of a car. I spoke with trina spear about figs mission. Method and challenges. I hope you enjoyed our conversation. Thanks so much for joining us today. Thank you for having me so for those. Who don't know. Tell us a little bit about figs. Sure do what we're doing here is we're really looking to empower. Celebrate and serve the healthcare community We do that in a number of ways but this was an industry. Medical apparel scrubs lap. Goes everything medical professionals word. It's an industry. That's been around for one hundred years in had no change earn a nation and there were two problems one being the products. And i'm sure everyone's seen it right. Ill-fitting uncomfortable oxygen baggy Is not something that. I would wanna wear to work every day. And then the second was one where out distribution model was broken where you know as a medical professional. You're pretty much subjected to go into one of these stores in remote places to find your scrubs on iraq and that was the shopping experience so what we do here really totally change those dynamics and in summary what we've done is we built a brand around in unbranded industry decommoditizing. What many believe was a commodity product. And then think what we're most proud of is building a community around this profession or helping to bring these bring healthcare professionals together and in really look to serve them in any way. We can

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